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Angel 2

The tug and pull of Christmas.
Like tinsel on a tree swaying with responsibility.
Over who is chosen and who should wait.
Until the next day, or do we cramp all our loved-ones in a box, tied with ribbon.
And open it all at once;
them springing up like a Jack-In-The-Box saying:
“Merry Christmas.”
How I wish I could get it right and have something left for us as well.

Christmas is a time of giving but what if you have been spent up all year.
Not just meaning money but in time and energy.
But being dutiful, your carve yourself up, like the turkey.
Seeing everybody but seeing nobody.
I don’t know what to make of Christmas.
Who benefits, or even if we are suppose to benefit from it at all?

I would like to get away from all this really.
Just for one year but duty calls and expectations beckon.
Roll on New Year!

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The Memory By The Sea.

Lowestoft sea front

On bicycle they raced towards the sea,
Such a rare day, a blue fair day.
His hair was as swept as the waves was hers.
The ocean stirred her whole World,
And whipped up her thoughts in the air.
For he was her World and she loved him.
Road was narrow and bikes so close
On this rare day, a blue fair day.
That metal nearly crashed against metal,
Like waves against rock.
But they laughed, sped away and rode on.
Such a lovely World and she so loved Him.
They arrived on the shore line,
For this rare day, a blue Fair day.
She could hear the music in the sea,
He clutched the bottle, like the voice of the breeze,
Such treasure lay within,
From this lovely World. Oh how she loved him.
They tossed the bottle into together.
On this rare day, such a blue Fair day. 
The four treasures was theirs to hold,
Remember and then let go for the sea to unfold.
Such a memory to have, to cherish and to own.
From this day, oh how she loved him.
So the memory lives on by the sea,
On such a rare day, a blue fair day,
Thoughts linger down the years,
Like foot prints upon the cliff, like tyre marks on the sand.
As they rode off together but not hand in hand.
For he was her World and she loved him.
But unbeknown then, sadly he did not love her in return.

@onethoughtfulwoman February 2013

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February’s Trip.


A blanket space of pain,
heavy,dark,it invades my brain.
How troubled is trouble?
How much reality is real?
So many circles of thought.
So unbending a wheel.

Up and down the flight path goes,
it takes a hold,
it does not bow.

Your brightness hurts my eyes in the darkness.
Your happiness only highlights my pain.
Your smile re-enforces the flowing tear.
Your energy compresses the void of despair.

That sleep is release from the knowing, the tomb.
I wake and fall ever further in gloom.
I watch my own death,
it feels rather strange,
and carve out the scene all be it with shame.

A sorriness lingers,
but a desire to renew.
A clutching of hope.
A crystal of dew.

One can dream still, or is it too late?
Oh God help me please, or is this my fate?

Another day to rise above the greyness.
Another day to feel the grip.
Another plane journey into the darkness,
when all one wants is to end this trip.

@onethoughtfulwoman 5th, March 2010.

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Fifty Shades of Grey. A viewpoint

I have read Fifty Shades of Grey ( book one) because I was curious and wanted to know what all the fuss was about. My daughter was reading it and I wanted to engage with her over the book’s content given the known material within it. I skimmed through the book at first and became very concerned very quickly. Here was a book portraying a young women clearly with low self-esteem with emotional issues embarking upon her first sexual relationship. It wasn’t the graphic content that shocked me, it was two things. The lesser being 1) That it depicted experiencing multiple orgasms all in one session could be so easy, that everyone clearly will know how to do it and if you can’t then you might think you have a problem. ( About 9/10 women do not experience orgasms through penetrative sex alone, so I have read).( A side remark: no mention of the fact either that having sex that many times so frequently in one day would probably lead you to, at the very least, thrush and an urinary infection). But like one friend said to me when I mentioned that, she laughed:

” Well, they are still lucky buggers aren’t they .”

We both laughed, so we can see a funny side of it too. However, the other more serious connotation of this novel is, 2) it’s clearly about an abuse relationship, hyped up with a BDSM topic. People either love or hate Mr Grey. I loath him, seriously would you really want to see your own daughter go out with such a control-freak? The appalling writing style,- mention of the “Inner goddess” bit incessantly and all the other slang words, did- my- head- in, could be forgiven if the message of the book was clear: stay away from this type of relationship. It didn’t, it glamorize it and that I can’t forgive her for. Anyway, I won’t write further about my viewpoint as this blog is not really about that. It is written to show a letter concerning an answer I received from a women’s group committed to protecting women against domestic violence. They work with the victims and see plenty of real My Greys’, his personality type, how abuse starts and where it ends. The happy after story line of they get married, have a baby in the later part of the Trilogy ( Sorry, If I have spoilt it but this is important) and he is a changed man doesn’t happen in real life for the most part. You see the problem with Fifty Shades of Grey, as a story, is that some people will see this as for real. Remember the Mo story in Eastenders. The domestic violence run where the woman murdered her violent and abusive partner. The actor who was the perpetrator had women coming up to him in the street shouting:

“Leave Mo alone your bastard.”

Stories can become real for some. More people watched Des, Angie and the divorce papers on Christmas day being handed out in Eastenders, in some other story line, than the funeral of Princess Diana.

The Wearside Women in Need  wrote an excellent article in The Daily Telegraph condemning 50 Shades. I wrote to defend them and this was their reply. Paragraph three is particularly interesting. I had not thought of that angle at all.

” Hello …..

Thank you for your message of support.

We have, as you can imagine, been snowed under with both positive and negative responses to the campaign but what has really struck us is (a) how many women have wanted to speak out against this trilogy and (b) how hard this has been for them to do on an individual basis.

Here at the campaign we believe that every recent generation of women has had to contend with the publication of at least one book, film or other ‘literary endeavour’ that seeks to both legitimate patriarchy and to undermine the social, political and economic gains of women.

The fact that this book has been written by a woman, and is largely being read by women, does not undermine this analysis – indeed, if anything it serves to highlight how contemporary women, faced with attacks on their employment, on the services that they have developed, used and run and on the goal of gender equality in all policy areas, are starting to seek refuge (both literally and in their reading material) in the fantasy of male control and male protection.

That this will lead to violence and abuse for some, and to the loss of autonomy for many more, is incredibly sad and something we must all fight against.  Hence our campaign.

So thank you, again, for writing to us. Your support is appreciated.

The 50 Shades of Abuse Campaign.”

Wearside Women in Need are calling for a burning of the books on bonfire night. A bit extreme you might say but the feelings are clearly running high for some. I wonder what E.L. James thinks to that idea. The money she has made with record-breaking sales, she no doubt doesn’t care much about anyone’s opinion. However, I am glad it is not me in that situation, even if a lot of money would come in very handy for my charity work.

I am no way criticising anyone for reading the book, nor for personally loving it and wanting to read the whole series. All I am saying is, that is going to be interesting to see in the future if 50 Shades could be measured as to whether an  increase in abusive relationships has occurred say over a three-five year time frame. It would be worth while to conduct a piece of mixed research( both quantitative and qualitative) so we could truly understand what effect this type of book does have on real people’s lives.Meanwhile, in the short-term we know that Anna Summers has a Fifty Shades of Grey section, that sex toys sales have gone up by 130%, that the nations bedrooms are being revolutionised- so we are told, and a lot of women just seems to love Fifty Shades of Grey. Let’s hope for most people they are just enjoying great sex. The baby boom will no doubt hit us in about six to nine Months time:):) Midwives will be at least be more busy and stretched than ever.

( PS: My daughter loved 50 Shades, could see my point and agreed, then went on to read the other two books, stating book two was slow but book three was the best with more of a plot to it).

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The Angel’s Game: Part 2

I wasn’t sure how I would find The Angel’s Game after the excellent, if not involved and sometimes confusing plot, of  The Shadow of the Winds. However, after reading the first two pages I knew this book was going to surpass and excel beyond “Shadows” and it did not disappoint, I could barely put it down.

What I love most about this book is the rich, poetic, elegant flow of words that help to create this magnificent tale of a writer who sells his soul, perhaps for fame, for money or both by being given a commission to write a book. This work is like no other, from a mysterious publisher for a vast sum of money. From the start Carlos Ruiz Zafon makes it clear what he is trying to say. For a man’s ego, sometimes he is prepared to do anything, even with his own near destruction at stake.

The depth of how the author created the characters and how each one was woven and intertwined with the story is something that Zafon does superbly. You could feel the desperate obsessive love that David Martin, the central character, feels for Cristina and how this relationship unfolds. You are not sure at first how the added relationship of Isabella is going to go, this held me the most, and I wanted to cry when reading her last letter to him. This was truly moving and haunting words so tragic and so authentic feeling real to me.

David Martin was intellectually a sharp and essentially good man, yet numbed by years of being let down and abused, he was turned into a character of coldness and unfeeling at times, seen especially in his interactions with his doting young assistant Isabella.  Yet, his drive to survive and to find the truth concerning the darkness of where he lived, that was linked with his own work, gave this novel a sometimes creepy, supernatural air about it. Turing into a detective tale set in a Gothic theme, this enriched the whole fabric of the novel and gave the plot a nail-biting feel. Just when you thought there was nothing new to add, a twist emerged and you were once again thrown head long into the pages of a tale intense and demanding to its audience. You had to concentrate, otherwise you would lose the thread of the plot.

Then the end: how strange. I read it twice and could not take it in. Had I missed something? For me, it left unanswered questions and a feeling that suddenly where it had been convincing it became a non-reality. Why has Zafon done this other reviewers have asked? It was a clever turn and the author’s notes for discussion could say why. Who was the publisher? I have my thoughts which would make the end plausible. Never-the-less I am hooked. I can forgive him for the ending though as I want to read much more from this man. It is hinted in reviews that with the completion of the four novels Zafon prepares to write, the end of The Angel’s Game slots into place. Is this up Zafon’s sleeve? Knowing his writing a little then nothing would surprise me.

If you want a book where you can enjoy some history, feel the city of Barcelona on your finger tips, with skilled and crafted writing around a great plot then read Zafon. It’s poetry from a pen and characters that come alive.  It is the only novel on finishing that I felt I want to read again and along with it The Shadow of the Winds. I  was not aware that The Angel’s Game was joined to “Shadows” until the final twists at the end. It was an Ahh moment. They can be read alone or as a complete story, the Cemetery of Forgotten Books being the cement that link and binds them together. A great find for me in fiction, like no other for a long time. For a thinking mind it is a great read.

(The images are photographs taken at the Monastry of Pedralbes visited at the time of reading and one area featured in the author’s work. The angels are a perfect choice of picture for this blog I felt.)

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The Angel’s Game. Part 1.

Introduction prior to a personal book review.

There is a saying that dogs choose their owners, not the other way around. Once I had started reading The Angel’s Game, I wondered if this book had found me, had sought me out and had choosen me to read it. There are some strange coincidences to this novel in terms of its content. How the main characters names are the same as two very central and important men in my life. How one of the key characters had staged their own death on a date mentioned by the author, that being  the same date also as the birth of my daughter.Things die in the same place as where new life arrives perhaps? That was the message that came across to me when reading this same reference of date. Also, to read a page in a hotel room in Barcelona where the main character recalls walking along the hill road of Pedralbes where I had stumbled across the very same place that afternoon; being many miles away from home and having never set foot in Spain until that week. Well, it feels nostalgic if nothing else.

This year has seen old ways of living being replaced with new ones. This magnificent novel left me feeling three things that are new. The first being an desire to write a creative story, something that I have never felt an urge to do. Until now, all my writing and blogging have been concerned about the giving of facts, discussion or dissemination of information. I am not saying that I will do this but a touch- paper of wanting to do so was certainly lit.  Secondly, that life can not be placed neatly into packages of right and wrong. How good people, who behave out of character or even very badly, can still be inherently good inside. It is the only the outside world and their experiences from it that can drive them to almost anything if the circumstances are set in a certain way.  Thirdly, a re-enforcement of wanting to stay within my new world of work in education. To help and inspire other minds to want to know, and to have a desire to read all the magical stuff, thoughts, charaters and facts that can be found within the wonderful world of books.

Read on, I hope to the next blog, a book review as to why I thought this book was something quite special to read. It certainly should have a place in The Cementry of Forgotten Books in the author’s tale!

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The Story so Far: Tareto Maa. A post for FGM/C International Day 6th February 2012.

  I recently asked a core supporter of Tareto Maa, as he had recently re-visited the project over the New Year, what had changed since his first visit in the early days of the centre’s birth and emergence. He said quite simply this:

” Then it was more like visiting a group of girls in a family, brought together over one core aim, to remain uncut and to have a better future, where they were safe from harm and from female genital cutting. Now, it feels so different. This time, it feels like an organisation, a refuge, an NGO, organised, structured, where there are now many girls and a team of people taking care of them.”

Since the rescue centre’s first origins back in 2009, when it first became a Kenyan NGO, a lot of water has gone under the bridge; a phrase the English say which means, a lot has happened. There is now a real bridge in Tareto Maa, one which was constructed this last year, so the girls could cross over from the refuge site, so that they can go to school, without fear of being drowned. Yes, this has happened. Who could think that in our Western World that a river stops someone from going to school, let alone them drowning.

This and many more obstacles are there in the lives of the girls and the hardworking and dedicated team of people working for them and with them. When I decided to write this blog post, it was suggested that an overview of key events to date would be a good way of commemorating International FGM/C Day 6th Feb but so much has happened. I have decided to look at events from Jan 2011, when the temporary new refuge was opened. This was to originally house about 35 girls in total after the circumcision season was over in the Christmas school holidays of 2010, in reality that number became 70. The sudden increase of girls, who had heard of the project from leaflets and posters that Tareto Maa has circulated amongst the community, caused its international supporters probably its biggest challenge and one of their biggest tests. To potentially turn girls away, after giving them hope. Or to keep accepting them but then not be able to deliver the promise of safety, shelter, food and an opportunity to go to school. We could not let them down and there were many late night discussions on the subject both in our home and with other key supporters. It was one of those exciting, agonising and tense times. No- one underestimated the seriousness of what we had done. For me, this was real. This wasn’t just writing or talking about it anymore. This was doing, and real lives were at stake.

To talk effectively about what was happening in Kenya, supporters in Germany and in the UK, first communicated by e-mail, then by phone, by text and now by Skype as the effectiveness and frequency of communication meant that once e-mails could fly to in boxes once a month, then every two weeks, 10 days, a week. Now, the change is such that e-mails fly into and out of in boxes daily. Net-working and constantly keeping in touch has been one of the biggest growth factors of Tareto Maa by those supporting it outside Kenya, as support grew and emerged, creating with it new ideas, new goals, new problems, headaches, heartaches, tensions, yes some fierce debate but a deep-rooted passion and commitment. The activites of this grass-roots project now spread among many nations, including the USA, its supporters were a key player in the fund-raising for the new Naitswang Riverside Academy, (Tareto Maa’s first school classroom) which opened in the New Year of 2012. was a central organisation in this development, with now over 800 members which brought in new supporters and new energy, as well as much welcomed funds to make the idea of a school a reality.

For me, one of the most incredible times of such a generous and magnificent effort both on and on was when the Horn of Africa was struck with famine in the summer of 2011. Whilst in England, London and major cities were seeing riots and burning, the heat and drought had seen the crops in Kenya dry to a cinder and fail, precipitating an international response to this crisis. The cheapest food in Kenya is Ugali, a maze meal. Its price had soared from 3,000 Kenyan Shillings to 10,000 Shillings. East Africa was in the grip of this food shortage and soaring prices. What was so remarkable was, not just about how much money was raised in such a short time, but that a far wider population could benefit from the effects of Tareto Maa. Food was not just reserved for the girls and the project, how could it be when the whole community was affected. Everyone could benefit.  I realised then this wasn’t just about FGM/C anymore. This was so much more. This event was amazing for me personally.

The rains came and the Well build, that has been started, came to a halt as part of the walls fell in. Such is the fight of the elements. Roads soon became a mud bath. At the same time, the girls needed dry shoes,( trainers were donated by a German company in 2010)  dry mattresses, ante-malaria protection with mosquito nets and de-worming tablets. People still die of HIV/Aids, a much taboo subject and the team now have run lectures and discussions about HIV awareness. While, there are many life lines of hope, death and illness can soon strike the heart of Tareto Maa. Our German friend and central supporter said to me awhile ago, that he had met a man over there who had since dies of Aids. And we have had girls with colds, malaria needing medical treatment and the need to sleep on dry beds. A solar panel, a fence and a security guard have all been added additions to the project this last year, along with Daisy the cow. One problem solved but another can be soon around the corner.

The challenge and opportunity of being part of Global Giving was a big break for us all. This competition to raise money on such a global stage was not to be missed. Months of hard work and preparation to be accepted went into it. The first two opening days were exciting as we leapt into an early lead but the struggle to keep the $2000 dollar bonus at the end was a fight like no other, where all forces were mobilised to find unique donors. A magnificent team effort was displayed.The team was so happy, when we in the UK were able to text a remote part of Kenya On New Year’s day to say what we had achieved, that we had secured that hard-fought bonus. We had reports that the girls sang and danced all day. A total of over $9000 jhas been raised currently on Global Giving so far.

The team in Kenya do not sit by and wait for the money to come in from the West. There is a common picture that Africa just waits for aid. A Harambee meaning “let us all pull together” was being conducted In November. This was an open day celebrating what Tareto Maa was all about and where local leaders, politicians and the community were invited to see the project. It generated 4,500 Euros. The future vision of the school is where fees can provide an income to Tareto Maa, as well as for educating the girls themselves without having to pay school fees. There has been a major effort to reach out to individual sponsors who can sponsor a child in return for two letters a year, news and progress about their child’s education. We have already seen girls grades improve since the rescue centre was opened,as they support and help each other in their studies. We have over 30 individual sponsors at present. But more are urgently needed. Get in touch with me by leaving a comment if you wish to know more about this.

The coming year: the aims are for a permanent rescue shelter, more sponsorships for the girls and forging links with other NGO’S and Foundations. The latter was started last year with a small response. We certainly need more success in this area. To sum it all up, one comment read on http://www.  by a villager of Kenya stood out for me the most when they said:

” At first, we thought it was all talk, but once we saw the rescue centre going up, we thought this is happening. This is not just talk anymore but real and true.” As as result, the village donated clothes and food to the children. Since them Tareto Maa has become an established place in the Kilgoris community, where the church is a major focal point and hub of the work, and where real things do happen. Some of these events have been tremendously positive and some of real hardship and problems. But I and the whole team from inside Kenya to its supporters of the outside world are behind it every step of the way.

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A Lovely Birthday

At first we were hoping to go away for the weekend but for various reasons that was not on the cards. Then Mr E saw an advertisement for a sustainable living exhibition at the Forum in Norwich and he wanted to go there instead for his birthday day out.

This blog is just to say how simple things can often lead to one the best days out for a long time. We had a wonderful time and the day went ahead like clockwork. There were a few things to do first, always stuff to do first, but after picking up our friend at 9.30, who was looking after our daughter for the day, we were soon off.

The exhibition was good, not as many stalls as we thought there  might be, but enough to keep us interested for an hour. We saw Norwich Transition Town stand but sadly no one was Manning it, at that point, for us to talk to anybody. We are part of the King’s Lynn transition movement, but that’s another blog. I will explain what that means another time.

We had lunch in Subway. Mr E gets hungry early and then a bit of shopping. My husband was determined. No way was he going to use his Marks and Spencers voucher I had got him for his birthday.  A lovely dress beckoned and he was delighted to part with his voucher and for me to give him money instead. I was hoping he would buy clothes but that is like taking a horse to water and he just won’t drink it. So the dress was bought and he was pleased.

We took tea, wandered around Waterstones, visited the Belgian Monk pub, where I had been with three dear twitter friends a few months before. He enjoyed his two beers. Then it was off to see Star Trek. Mr E has always been a trekie fan. The film was exciting and excellent with great special effects. We saw pick-a-mix sweets before going in and laughed and scoffed some before the film had even started. Waiting for the film we sat by some tables, savouring a view of a park and the cathedral. We laughed and joked and felt like two school kids eating their sweets.

After the film, I took us for a meal. Not wanting the car to be shut in the car park for the night, we hastened back to the car, paid our £11 parking fee and headed back out onto the A47. I had just the place in mind, for a not- too- expensive bite, before the trip back. The Showground pub and restaurant by the Premier Inn provided us with a simple prawn and Salmon salad.( We were still quite full from the sweets but knew we needed to eat something).

Returning at 21.30, we finished off with a cup of tea and a tea light placed on top of his chocolate birthday cake. We sang happy birthday. By just after 22.15 Mr E, very content, was asleep.  He gets tired with his heart condition after a long day. However, he went to bed happy and with a lovely feeling of  a nice day. I am glad we have the memory of yesterday.

Today, we are out for lunch with our daughter, the friend who provided the flowers, cake and balloon pictured above, and I will be wearing my new dress, bolero matching top and beads that I bought yesterday with my pressie for Mr E. He has the cash equivalent in his pocket and I know what he will be spending that on, but that’s another blog and story.

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Funerals can sometimes have a weird and unexpected effect upon me. Even though I knew little of the person whose funeral I attended today, it evoked a moist eye and reflective response. It brought back times of another funeral I attended about three years ago. This generated a huge grief response from me. Again, while I was not closely related to the diceased person, the experience left me numb, frozen and in tears.

Today it did the same, only to a lesser extent, and the feelings were different. Before, it was a huge reaction to all sorts of losses and experiences that I had encountered and were learning to cope with through professional help. Today, it was more about a sense of urgency, to be thankful for life, love and friendships that I have. Also, to celebrate the progress I have made in my own life’s journey- since that last funeral.

Three years ago, I was a Christian. Today that statement, definition is very hazy. The term I give my feelings now is an agnostic position and this feels comfortable for the time being. I am not sure about where I will end up after this life. It’s not scary but it is unknown. All I do know is the incredible urge to seize the moment and live life by the day.

I could see myself laying in that box, as I looked down at the chancel, and I thought about all the people I love and care about. No one knows how much time we have.  All I do want to say, for the purpose of this blog, is what ever you want to say and do, do it. You don’t know how much time is left.

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Why no Computer?

A quick post for me.

Wanted to see how it would feel like to be without the computer for  5 days, a week seemed too long, and also to do those tasks that I have been meaning to get done. Apart from 5 mins of e-mails that would be it. Planned to phone some long-distance friends, plant some stuff in the garden, read, do some cleaning and spend some more time with my family.

The Result:

I rang non-stop all week, late off work every night, took work home. Had commitments 4 out of 5 nights, went to a meeting, swimming, shopping, school commitments and last night, once ban off, had an evening out with friends.

Did I achieve what I wanted in the ‘ getting- on- sense?’ Not one single bit.

Did I enjoy being off the computer? I hated it mostly because I missed my friends and wanted to know what was happening on twitter.

Did I learn anything? Yes, the computer can be addictive. I had a sneak look on Twitter Wed night, after one of my girlfriends e-mailed me.

Would I change anything now? Yes, I am going to be more constrained about twitter time, do less but would never do another computer ban again for as many days. Perhaps a weekend, nothing more.

Anything else learnt? Yes, life is too short to make yourself have bans and denial for things we innocently enjoy. There is no point in self-sacrifice or fasting on things which are harmless fun.

You see you give up something and life will fill it up with more work and jobs. It can soon be filled. I achieved a sense of distance but that distance I didn’t enjoy. What was the purpose of that distance? I didn’t get anything I wanted to do extra done.

I  acknowledged how much you can rely on the computer for company which fills you with intellectual fulfillment and a certain buss feeling. That feeling is quite different from the love you receive from your family. I felt like a limb was missing.

So here I am. Back on line, well and happy. The carpets still need cleaning once again and the friends still need phoning. Guess I will get those things done in the end and still Will be able to dabble on here.

PS: The husband had part of a computer ban too and he said it was great to be off it. He uses the computer differently to me though. His usage is not for social pleasure. My use has many functions, the same apply to many of us I suspect.

How would you feel reader if you gave yourself a computer free week?What would you do with that time? I would be interested to hear from you.

Final word: boy it’s good to be back!!!!!