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October Pumpkin

Yesterday, I decided to cook using Pumpkin – Pumpkin chips and roasted seeds.I had not roasted the flesh of the Pumpkin or the seeds before. This was not an easy cook. You need sharp knives to cut the flesh from the Pumpkin and mine were not, even with sharpening.  I tried peeling the skin away from the vegetables’ flesh but the potato peeler snapped. I was short on time too, so this tested my patience.

Finally, I managed to produce this ( see picture one ) for roasting, cutting the flesh away from the inside of the scooped out Pumpkin. I then used a combination of Rosemary , Sage and Thyme from the garden for the extra flavour garnish.

 Next I prepared the seeds. I had seen recipes for roasting seeds and the secret of success apparently is to wash them well, boil them in water for 10 mins and individually place them on a baking tray. This was the result of 40 mins of baking at 165 degrees C. The seeds should sound dry when you shake them, on the tray, with a crisp sound. 

Family tasting:

David and I enjoyed the chips very much but Kathryn ( Daughter) didn’t. The seeds were certainly crispy and looked nice roasted. The seeds tasted better with fruit today, than on their own. Markus ( Kathryn’s boyfriend) enjoyed the seeds, especially the sea-salt seasoning but Kathryn didn’t. My husband tried them and thought they were OK.

What could have been better?

The seeds had a nice crunch on the intial bite but were a bit chewy  and bitty thereafter. On holiday last week, we tried Pumpkin soup and just had uncooked seeds in this with Pumpkin oil and that was so delicious. The seeds worked well that time. Kathryn thought the chips were a bit too soft. I think I used slightly too much Olive Oil for the roasting and this resulted in a slightly soggy texture. Also with the chips, I sprinkled the herbs on top. It would have been better to have mixed these in more.

However, overall Pumpkin has a pleasant sweet flavour and I enjoyed it. I am glad that I experimented with this and my blog post was the motivating factor to see it through. The cutting was hard but then it showed that I just needed better knives. I don’t think I would roast the seeds again though.

I am writing this post as the children are coming around for Trick and Treat. The end of the month is a busy and colourful time. Tonight, my daughter made Pumpkin soup with the remaining flesh and this was great. You can do a lot with Pumpkin ( I have even seen a recipe for pancakes) and it’s an inexpensive vegetable to do multiple things with.

What have you tried out with a Pumpkin?


I have always cared about health and education and have worked in both settings. Now I like to walk, love visiting church buildings and connecting with nature and its weather. I teach medical English as well as being a novice piano player. My dream is to play the organ.

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