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Blackberry Mousse: blog post 2.

Yesterday, I wrote briefly about a recipe I had adapted ( with a link ) for this blackberry mousse. This is the first dish of a new food series called Seasonal Foods, as I am on the quest to use foods that you would find in any one month of the year. Where ever possible, I am trying to look at cost and to discuss at least one ingredient, and its health benefits, to each dish. Today, we will be looking at blackberries and coconut sugar.

Firstly, coconut sugar is gaining ground in the popularity stakes as an alternative to white granulated sugar. Why is this? Well, it has a lower Glycemic Index- GI (35 compared to 68 for granulated sugar) and is considered healthier as a result. If you not sure what the GI index is all about, take a look at what Diabeties Uk has to say about it and why eating low GI foods are considered important in diabetic care and  part of weight control in one’s diet.

I bought my sugar from The Barn, here at Downham Market and these food blog posts are going to be linked to this shop, to help promote the business . Hopefully, my posts will be shared on their Facebook page very soon. The price of this sugar is £2.75 compared to an average price of £1.25. OK,  over double the cost but I did the maths and the 35 grams I used for this recipe cost 0.38p using the coconut sugar. This worked out at 0.13p a dish given I had made three. I think it was good value for money for the possible health advantages it may bring.

 Thee benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables are widely publicised.I decided to use fresh blackberries that were free from the hedgerows rather than frozen ones. Here is a little more information why blackberries are so beneficial for you. 

Family tasting:

The strong blackberry flavour was great but I would definitely recommend eating this in the time stated on the recipe ( see previous post) as this is not a firm mousse. It has a light, slightly fluid texture due to its low sugar content. It took me about 10 mins to make, as I wanted to make sure the egg was whisked well. It was simple to make though and tasted better, with more flavour, than anything we had bought from the supermarkets.

What I could do next time?

I would try lightly stewing the fruit first, reserving some juice for additional topping. The texture was also a slightly nutty one, due to the uncooked fruit. This did not detract from the dish but for a smoother taste I think I would try stewing the berries to see what difference this would make. I would still use uncooked blackberries for the decoration. As you can see by my picture, I used a teaspoon of Greek yoghurt as well, just to give some contrast for the eye.

Next time, I am going to cook a savoury dish. I haven’t finally decided what yet but it will involve either game or a vegetarian dish. The next post to watch out for, in this series, will be towards the end of September.

Thanks for stopping by and happy cooking. What ever you are making.


I have always cared about health and education and have worked in both settings. Now I like to walk, love visiting church buildings and connecting with nature and its weather. I teach medical English as well as being a novice piano player. My dream is to play the organ.

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