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Blackberry Mousse. Blog one of two.

I am having great difficulties with my blog posting tonight, and having identified the problem ( and determined to show this link) I have decided to take the unusual step of having to do this in two parts.

I have made a blackberry mousse adapted from this recipe and this is the first post concerning my seasonal food series.This recipe,of which it will not let me shortcut with a suitable header title, is vital to the blog post but so is the finished result. This link is wipping out my photo of the dessert and my post, so I have no other way but to present it like this.

Please bear with me. Having had a whole night’s work completely zapped I am keen to make this work somehow. 

So please tune in to the next post which will show the finished result. I will be sharing with you the information I have discovered about coconut sugar, the financial cost, the benefits of blackberries and what the GI index means in relation to blood sugars.

The photo is nice too and so was the taste. Please come back soon. Thanks for your patience.


I have always cared about health and education and have worked in both settings. Now I like to walk, love visiting church buildings and connecting with nature and its weather. I teach medical English as well as being a novice piano player. My dream is to play the organ.

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