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The Digital Addiction

So today we learned that 50% of us are hooked on our Internet devices.

This is not so surprising given how much technology has invaded every aspect of our lives. I too have taken a digital detox and have both missed and enjoyed its absence. 

After hearing this news, I put away the tablet and the phone and tossed my head around the air of the dog walk, thinking what could I do with my day, that did not involve either being online, or at least with a piece of electronic gagetry in my hand and began to think.

I soon realised how much of my day off relied upon the use of the digital age, in terms of day to day routine, that I enjoyed, was necessary, or to be productive. See if this list is what you might do.

Returning from the dog walk I did or could do the following on a normal day.

1) A text about a meet up regarding a commitment.

2) I searched online for the phone number to book a thank you dinner.

3) I checked my online banking as it’s payday.

4) I downloaded and bought the next book I wanted to read on my Kindle.

5) Researched the holiday destinations/ visits for next weeks trip to Suffolk.

6) I wrote my book review for good reads. 

7) I wrote an email and checked my posts.

8) I took a quick look on Facebook. 

9) I am writing this blog post.

10) An international Skype call.

All of these things I have done over the last two days. For me, like many technologies, this is so indispensable. However, when is the line crossed? When does a function become a habit? For this I have to say the power of the uncluttered mind is becoming more apparent in my life and I intend to write about it in my next blog post, in my quest to share better health, both physical and mental.

In the meantime, what list do you have? Do you feel hooked? I should like to hear from you.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

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