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I Am Seriously Worried

Yesterday, I started to really look and notice something for the first time. Walking along the seafront, my eyes wandered around the people and their outlines. Many were overweight, and the striking thing of all was that many young and middle-aged women were not just overweight but clinically obese. Yes, the word most Women I am using here, from what I saw yesterday. And overall women appeared to be fatter than men. I wondered why.

That word fat is an awful word isn’t it. We don’t like saying it, as it potentially portrays a negative comment about an individual. It conveys that we have no self-control. That it is our fault we are just big. Fat is bad both in word, shape, image and representation. It is an ugly word and you just don’t say it. We avoid it and look beyond it to another conversation. TV programmes have aided this invisibility of weight. Being in love with your curves, dressing to enhance the natural shape are the things to do. Yet, I know several women who have tried to “diet” another bad word. Like me, they can fluctuate from weight loss to weight gain and then stop and start.

Against this, we have a tide of programmes showing us every aspect of cooking. People like to watch Masterchef, Nigella Lawson and Jamie Olivier showing us to how to cook. We have no shortage of inspiration tips and advice. Cooking on a budget, cooking something different. Cooking healthy nutritious meals, it’s all there. Sadly, most of us appear to be using it for entertainment against the reality of true cooking or not, as the case may be.

We have had a lot of media coverage about the ailing health service struggling to cope, the time bomb of heart disease, the labelling of food and a food industry that is committed to serving us fat, sugar and salt. The simple truth is we are losing the battle on eating a diet to give us health. A newspaper report this week showed stark figures that our children will die before we do, as their weight and lack of exercise spirals out of control. The not so hidden rise of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease (yes, as we consume ever dangerous amounts of alcohol) is causing greater alarm bells than ever before. We simply won’t have a health service able to cope. Societies health is going to collapse and the infrastructure to support it unless we take some radical action now. This is what is going to happen and that is why I am seriously worried.

I can’t begin to answer all the questions that could be posed here as to what could be done about it. What I do know is, how hard it is to lose a few pounds. How when you go out to eat, in the vast majority of typical restaurants, you find it almost impossible to eat low-calorie, low-fat, tasty food. I know full well how easy it is to throw food in the supermarket trolley just because your are tired after a day’s work and just want to get home. And once you are at home, you just throw something quick and easy into the oven because it’s just too much bother. How you need time to shop wisely, how you need positive energy to make the changes. Healthy eating and weight reduction is hard and it can be costly. Many people on ever tighter budgets can’t do it and the apathy is, I just don’t care. I do my best, I eat what I can.

We eat for comfort, we treat ourselves to chocolate as a reward to ourselves for a hard day. I am not judging overweight people at all. Everything is stacked against us. I am not overweight but I am in the same boat as most of us. I will be sharing on my next blog what changes we have managed to make here as a family. It’s not been easy and by no means has the battle being won yet but we are trying. This is being done because quite simply we can’t rely on our health service to patch us up. It isn’t going to there for much longer. We have to look after ourselves now the best way we know how.


I have always cared about health and education and have worked in both settings. Now I like to walk, love visiting church buildings and connecting with nature and its weather. I teach medical English as well as being a novice piano player. My dream is to play the organ.

5 thoughts on “I Am Seriously Worried

  1. A brave blog post, I worry too about the future for our country’s eating habits . We have binned all bad fats. ( As all use a dangerous heat process ) Now only eat cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil and butter Yes butter. : ) Much better for us than Dairy spreads and low fat spreads . We also don’t buy sugar . Use agave syrup and honey, maple syrup in moderation. No gluten and have very little cereals . Eat green veg cauliflower etc rather than white potatoes and never eat pasta anymore. Our meals are mainly fish or meat with just veggies. As a country we need more information so people can make informed decisions .
    Here’s to a healthier future for the UK

  2. What I have noticed especially working where i work…is that to eat healthy good food costs more than eating junk food ….. we live in a place where there is a lot of unemployment so people have less money here and mothers always feed there kids first and then have what is left……. now go to Cambridge where there is less unemployment and you don’t see hardly any over weight people……….

  3. Thanks very much to replying to this blog post. I have read where butter is better than marg and l want to explore this option further. We use Olivio a lot of the time and honey as a sugar replacement now. For me, sugar is the addiction. I have replaced all sugary fruit juices with one freshly squeezed orange and water. I do drink tea anyway and also green tea. We have cut our meat down too. In my next blog, I am going to list the major changes we have made and what benefits, so far, we have seen. Thank you so much for contributing to this post and for your suggestions.

  4. I think your point about Mum’s feeding children first and they then have what is left is a very important point to make. This is true. Interesting as well that in Cambridge people are less likely to be overweight. There is a direct reference to being able to buy food that is good and cheaper food which is full of the bad stuff. When do you ever see supermarkets put an offer on the healthy, more expensive food items. Thanks Sally for your comments on this.

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