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Hot Stone Massage

I think us ladies don’t do enough to look after ourselves. I certainly don’t. The excuse can be time and very often money. We make sure the children are fed, the bills paid, the house is still standing up and the boiler fixed.

Well that was me up until yesterday, when I was given, as a special treat, a hot stone massage from my friend, who calls herself Sally In Norfolk on twitter . I met her there and have known her ever since as a friend. I have had her Swedish and Indian massages before, as a special occasion present, and thoroughly recommend  them. However, I will finding the £35 to continue with the experience of yesterday, that being the Hot Stone Massage.

It was absolutely out of this world. Currently, I have an old back injury playing up and I was a little worried it might hurt. For me, it was any thing but pain. My back feels so much better today, so much so, that I have been garage clearing and gardening pruning trees.

For me, the combination of the warm lovely smelling oils, the heat and the massage pressure from the smooth, flat stones invigorated me from top to toe. I have recently had a lot of personal stress. so  mentally, it felt like a detox. I was alive and mentally alert last night. The best I have felt in ages. An hour of utter pleasure and relaxation and to soft music. A real meditation experience if you want it, or you can chat as well. Most people know I like to chat too:)

We can spend £25 on a takeaway and a bottle of wine. For a bit more you can have this experience, and if that does not take your fancy, then there are other types of massages you can try. I am booking in now every six weeks. Can’t wait for the next one as part of me looking after myself time.

Give it a go, do! Try it! Sally is mobile and can come to you, though the hot stones takes more time to prepare off her home premises. She is professional, highly competent, qualified and experienced. I would recommend her to anyone, hence this blog post.

Thank you Sally once again for a wonderful healing time. Can’t wait now to October!




Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

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