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February’s Trip.


A blanket space of pain,
heavy,dark,it invades my brain.
How troubled is trouble?
How much reality is real?
So many circles of thought.
So unbending a wheel.

Up and down the flight path goes,
it takes a hold,
it does not bow.

Your brightness hurts my eyes in the darkness.
Your happiness only highlights my pain.
Your smile re-enforces the flowing tear.
Your energy compresses the void of despair.

That sleep is release from the knowing, the tomb.
I wake and fall ever further in gloom.
I watch my own death,
it feels rather strange,
and carve out the scene all be it with shame.

A sorriness lingers,
but a desire to renew.
A clutching of hope.
A crystal of dew.

One can dream still, or is it too late?
Oh God help me please, or is this my fate?

Another day to rise above the greyness.
Another day to feel the grip.
Another plane journey into the darkness,
when all one wants is to end this trip.

@onethoughtfulwoman 5th, March 2010.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

2 thoughts on “February’s Trip.

  1. I find this very troubling and troubled Helen, if this is how you are feeling then putting it down in black and white is a good way of getting it from the inside to the outside.
    Very haunting and hard for me to read without the Psychologist part of me wanting to reach out and understand further.

  2. As I have communicated, it is not of the present time. All is well:)) but thanks for the comments and for reading.

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