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Went to bed last night and gave my posting of yesterday evening some thought.

Revelation: I actually feel guilty if I am successful, richer or more powerful. Keeping humble and meek is after all a more virtuous option?

Today, I read all about Michael Gove and the King James Bible he has given to every school. I have recently been in an assembly where I was shown this large and beautiful book and how it arrived there as a present from HM Government. You see, I do have Christian roots. In my twenty’s I was part of a small evangelical church. While my faith has very much changed, ( I admitted to myself recently that I don’t attend church regularly because I find it too dull, ritualistic and boring) the essence of Christian thinking is still with me. Essentially, there is a faith there inside me. I don’t go to church preferring to do God’s work in the real world of charity, contribution and looking after God’s animals. Currently, a sick hen. This is where I fit in the Christian world. This is my work to God, not singing hymns.

Deeply ingrained in my mind-set is simply this. God teaches us that being humble, poor and mild, we will inherit the Earth. God likes” little people” like me, never boastful, never proud,( I think that came from St Paul). The idea that I should aspire to a four bedroomed house, double my salary, go for promotion or exactly say I am good at something that does not quite fit the script. After all Jesus hung out with the poor fisherman not the tax-collectors. He never sought fame of fortune. If we are to look at these texts we are told that money is the root of all evil and being ruthless for that job promotion is not at all cool In the eyes of God. We should not have avarice or greed and instead give our money away to those less fortunate- which I have.

Coming away from the Christian perspective, my own interest in equality, human rights, poverty and empowerment gives this view a double stamp of approval. How can I be seen to want to earn or have more when so many are starving? Each night, I thank God for my hot meal and my glass of fresh drink knowing I am the lucky one; even if I have to use the calculator to scrape some shopping together on dwindling reserves, seriously, I do this. I still say I am lucky to have. It’s a bit of a mind-set I have got into.

So to sum it all up in one sentence. My block to progress is my supposed guilt at wanting more. That I should not seek it, that I should never try to make money out of pictures or works. To legitimately sell goods on Amazon and e-bay is one thing, that is recycling and I can live with that. Someone else benefits and most are going at bargain prices. I will have to think how I can shape this attitude a little differently if I am to get further on in life.

And by-the-way Gove recommends Children should read St James as a good moral compass. I wonder what their little minds would think of it all if they did? Would they end up like me or reject it?

Hoping this picture would be at the start:) Try again next time. A posh house. The Petit Trianon of Marie Antoinette’s. You know what happened to her and why!



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

2 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. I would have to ask where that ingrained fear of doing well originated from, who impressed on you that it was greedy to expect too much or were you in some subtle way made to feel that you wouldn’t amount to much and so there was no point in reaching for the sky?
    Often the beliefs we hold come from childhood and the society we grew up in, we then live by those beliefs believing them to be true.
    I don’t agree with what Gove has done with regard to the bibles on two points
    1) it has more to do with his own avarice than any wish to mould the minds of our children, hence his name is on every single one of them
    2) children should be allowed to look at all aspects of life etc and decide which path is the right one, guidance should not come from religion of any description as over the years it has been proven to be the most oppressive and dangerous of all beliefs.
    I wonder if you are beginning to question what you actually could achieve if you believe in yourself and have the encouragement from others to explore your own abilities rather than staying behind the barriers of past belief.

  2. Yes indeed. I like and agree what you say very much. I think early school years had a terrible affect on me, much more than what my Mum could do or did. I came away thinking I would not aspire to much. The need to be better comes from my “adoptive” parents who showed me a different life. I was always expected to conform and be approved, never to cause problems, trouble by wanting more than my lot. I never make waves but am beginnin to do so now. My next move should be more about boldness and saying this is what I for once want and not be afraid to say it. Thanks so much for your help in this. I will include this in my next blog.

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