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A very quick post about Tareto Maa

Hi, and thanks to anyone on twitter who have just seen our new account ftmfgm.

I need to explain briefly how this sites is going to work.

This has been set up specifically to communicate with the aim of spreading the word about the organisation and talking directly about it.

Followers are very welcome BUT we have decided that we want to filter out general tweets about this and that. Therefore, if we don’t follow back this is why. Please don’t be offended.

For example, Mr E does not want my tweets from cloudgazer to others and about what I am generally doing appearing on ftmfgm as this is not relevant to the groups work.

We wanted to create a platform where direct discussion about Tareto Maa can happen and to highlight the cause.

This may seem a very odd way of using twitter but we felt twitter had a place for this.

We also wanted a DM facility that people could use to ask questions. Currently, we are talking to two main people actively within this organisation for many weeks and hope they will join us and sign up to use Twitter.

I hope that explains what we are trying to do. Please do follow us and contribute directly to the group and we will reply back, but we may not neccessarliy follow many back. Even Mr E is not following Cloudgazer:-)

Hope my twitter friends will understand.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

2 thoughts on “A very quick post about Tareto Maa

  1. Well, I hope it goes well and you find it a useful medium. As you know, I do not use Twitter in that way – it’s just fun for me!

    I did wonder though if you were taking the right approach. I am definitely no Twitter expert but surely if you do not follow someone you will not be able to use the DM facility to communicate with them?

    Would it not be better to use private lists? Put those who tweet about FGM exclusively on your default list and everyone else on another list. Then no-one is offended that you are not following them but you don’t have to have your timeline cluttered up with irrelevant nonsense.

  2. Should have said thanks for this Gina. I will look at what you are saying here. Very useful. Hope you have had a good weekend. Love, Helen.

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