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The Tortoise and The Hare

 Today’s GEAR training had arrived and it was a lovely day for it at Sandringham. I felt nervous, not sure what to expect. There were about a dozen of us and then the trainers: nice people, really nice. We did a warm up on the blue pathway run first.

I could have become easily deflated after the first 30 seconds, people were running far ahead and it soon became obvious that I was last, would be running on my own, and at a tortoise pace compared to the speed of the hares. Even the new boy was up there with them. It was his first race too and he had only been training since Christmas and had already completed five 10k’s.

But then, the organisers are prepared to take on a little tortoise like me. Of course, it was done subtly but one of the organisers just happened to never run ahead, and as others powered away she stayed with me. It was obvious what she was doing and we chatted and she started to help me along. I put my positive frame of mind on and thought about what my body was telling me, that it was running and I wasn’t fagged and was doing it. I relaxed. Of course, I was way last and they all watched and some clapped as little me managed to get to the finish. It didn’t feel too bad though.

So our warm up was one and a half miles to two and it took 20 mins. That was the warm up then. What the hell was coming next? We did paces and marching and steps. Short sprints of a few seconds. I ran hard. I wasn’t going to be last every time and ran full pelt and was up there with them.

Then we did 500 metres sprints, or to run as fast as we could in a layed out circuit. The main instructor seeing how I had performed in the short run said I was only going to run this twice.  For the rest of them it was four times and I would start off with them, then stop and wait until the 3rd round. It was an absolute complete killer. Again, my lady just happened to be there with me. I did it in 3mins 22- we were all timed. I was then told to make it faster next time. Ok, I thought, I will try very hard.

The second lap felt easier, then got harder. I went over cold and thought I was going to be sick, a wave of nausea crept over me, this has happened before and I just pushed on, took a bend better and sprinted like hell at the end. My time was 3 mins 16 secs, 6 secs better. I was gasping at the end.

Then, God, this wasn’t over yet. We did a final cool down finish run. The same blue run. I thought, oh hells bells but I started off and tried not to think about it. Again, Diane, I knew her name and she mine by now, kept with me. This was the best bit. She helped me relax my tensed up shoulders, talked to me about shorts, to double knot my shoes. Also how to swing my arms, position my hands. Apparently, I have a flat, very heavy pace , making it hard on my joints. She taught me how I must roll my foot, heel first, then roll the rest of my foot into it. I got a better rhythm, kept my head up. This last session was the easiest. I had a rhythm by then. The dead legs had left me and I got to the finish.

I talked to Pauline, another trainer, about my next 2 weeks, which I can chat about later. I have never ever been put through such paces, realise that I have come so far and yet have much to learn and do. I felt so chuffed to think what I had managed to do though. It would have wiped me out just a few weeks ago.

I can’t wait for Wed training at Lynn Sport- circuit running, 2k and timed.

I said to Diana, that to see the finish line on race day would be a marvellous, wonderful site. She replied I would know it was there and see it long before it was there. You hear the noise and the cheers, well before the end. The sensation just pulls you in to finish. God, I am so nervous yet so excited. I can’t wait for the day to arrive.

And you all know what happened with the tortoise and the hare:-)

Keep wishing me luck.

Please consider sponsering me for my race by looking at the Just Giving site which will tell you more about why I am running and for whom. Many Thanks.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

2 thoughts on “The Tortoise and The Hare

  1. Thanks Sally. I was well pleased in the end. It was a real pacer- well I thought so. I am sure it would have seemed a walk in the park to yourself. What I did learn was I need to concentrate on smaller but faster and timed exercises to build up my speed, stamina and strength.

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