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A short poem about our weekend trip to London to see Kasabian at Wembley Arena.

Flowing beer and flowing crowds,

plastic missiles, very loud,

Not expecting the scene on view,

loony crowds who had had a few.

The music great in its violent way,

Singing crowds and constant sway,

rivers of beer thrown into crowd,

we took a hit, well wet, not wowed.

The scene lively, jostle and bright,

we thought “oh what an unexpected  night,”

Eyes like radars scanning around,

cross looks, wet hair, and feeling drowned.

Sticky floors and sticky shoe,

many heads and hailing dew,

The lights went up and we took our leave,

The streets yet another heave.

People falling where they stood,

We hurried past where we could,

Back to quiet and safety in room,

We go back to Norfolk in rain and gloom.

What an adventure we say,

Though we’ll not repeat that particular day,

or night!

My thoughts on the some of the crowd’s behaviour at this event and it’s impact on how we felt.

Though I have to say that my daughter and the two girls with us thought the band was amazing and the whole experience an amazing time.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

One thought on “Wembley

  1. I am not good with poems for some reason – it’s the short lines, my head can’t seem to cope with them. It’s a pity.

    It’s not good if you get beer thrown at you. I wouldn’t like that. I have no objection to people getting stoned or drunk at concerts, it’s just something you do when you are young, but I wish they could keep their alcohol to themselves. I must be getting old!! I am sure it was all part of the experience for K anyway.

    Hope the music was good. I quite like Kasabian but probably not enough to go and have beer thrown at me!!

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