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Goals six months on.

Six months ago, I wrote a blog about what I hoped would be my goals for the next six months and whether I had achieved or stuck to them. I wanted to simply look back and recap on what they were and the results.

  • I grew some lettuce and planted some onions and carrots. The lettuce was an outstanding success and the carrots and onions are still in the ground but have grown poorly. I have not received any harvest from them. From this, I intend to lauch into tomatoes in pots next year.
  • The swimming was stopped for while and my aim is to return soon. I can still swim on my back but haven’t made any further progress. However, I have had little opportunity to go into the pool over the past few weeks.
  • Transition town activities kept going right on into the summer and we attended a big launch garden day and were fully active. However, since then we have stopped going for personal reasons but kept in touch with some people who still attend.
  • Working on family relationships has been ongoing and only last week, since my Father had a stroke and one of my best friends diagnosed with cancer has it really sunk home how important those ties are. This is a renewed goal and one which will have even more focus in the next coming few months.
  • The history of the arts pursuit had a lazy start but has probably been one of the most significant goals achieved. Having seen the series Desperate Romantics, concerning the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, I then went on to visit the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle in August where Isabella and the Pot of Basil by William Holman Hunt was exhibited and then to the Tate British to see more of the whole brotherhood’s work. I read the book accompanying the TV series by Franny Moyle, and then visited the Fitzwilliam museum to see a Darwin exhibition of art. This was excellent.
  • I have made some progress on the gardening and am trying desperately to still decorate the house. This is due to start any day but illness from the summer and other busy events has meant it just hasn’t happened.
  • My relationship with money is still fraught more times than not, but I have continued to save and are financially “better off” than I  was six months ago. I try not to worry about money so much but still feel that my finances are on a constant elastic band. Just stretched out to maximum all the time with no slack. Still, have negotiated a better mortgage and hoping to cut some work hours soon.
  •  I have continued to develop my English skills and had one English lesson from a friend. On the whole though, writing and blogging has had to be put to one side over the summer and I haven’t written as much as I hoped too. I want to work on that still
  • I nearly got to visit FORWARD and had the AGM on the calendar and booked. But sadly my Dad had a stroke and he was the priority. I still haven’t made it there yet and this was the third year running something had come along to stop me going. This is disappointing. I plod one with my efforts in my causes. But I am now running and hope to raise money next year for charity by taking part in the GEAR race in King’ Lynn.
  • The photography is coming along, all be it a bit slow. However, the arrival of Photoshop and a mate to help me out with it has been invaluable. The photos are starting to progress and I did have a wonderful photo shoot with my Sister-in-Law  in the summer.

So there you have it. I don’t think it’s too bad at all. Some success at least. And a very worthwhile exercise to do this was. There has been one more significant thing to tell, and that is I have enrolled to study with the Open University next year.

I will now think about my next set of goals for the next six months. Know what some of them are already, like changing my job. Let’s see how they shape up.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

5 thoughts on “Goals six months on.

  1. Yes, that struck me too re the running and yoga but I guess that’s because they weren’t on your original list.

    Good for you in reviewing your goals. I do that too. I don’t generally write them but I do review my life regularly in my head in a determination not to drift in directions I don’t want to go.

    What you should perhaps do now is write a revised list in a week or so (when this one has faded a little from your mind). Start afresh and then when you have done it, compare it with this one and amend it as necessary. That will stop you incorporating things that are no longer important to you just because they were on previous lists.

    I truly believe that we have to focus on ourselves first and that we are little use to anyone if we do not keep ourselves happy, healthy and doing what we want to do. And a key part of that is exercise (both for body and soul) so I do hope that keeping up your running and yoga will appear on your next set of goals!!

    It’s fine to care about others but don’t let yourself get bogged down in their problems or let them influence your psyche too greatly. I know it is hard to do (I fail at it often too) but if you can just remember that you are you and that there is a space around you that separates you from everyone else and that certainl things only cross that space if you choose to let them, then you can become more self-contained and in control of your own happiness/success.

    Oh boy, I am sounding like one of those horrid self-help manuals that I refuse to read. Time to go . . .

  2. Well done for achieving what you have.

    I don’t think this would be good for public consumption, but I think, if you wanted to do it, it can be helpful to be very specific to yourself about what you have achieved, and to list these – EVEN in some of the goals that are a bit vague.

    So, for example, with the gardening goal it is easy to be able to list that you grew and enjoyed so many lettuces, but with things like working on Photography, or on Family Relationships, seeing progress can be a bit vague. You may be more encouraged to log to yourself precise things that you have done. With photography, for example, how many shoots you have managed, what areas you have consciously tried to improve and what success you have had. You may be surprised at your success. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’ve done SO much. Maybe you could ask someone close to you to tell you what progress they see, sometimes I think we are over demanding of ourselves!

    Can I ask about the English lessons? what does that mean?

    I’m sorry to hear about your father’s stroke.
    My parents have both been dead for a long time, but recently more and more of my friends are living the issue of parents in failing health, I just cannot imagine how I would manage that, especially living so far away.

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