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Blog Action Day on Climate Change Oct 15th 2009

For those of you who know me on Twitter, I am concerned and passionate about climate change and what is going to happen to our planet if we do not reverse the trend of consumption, increase in green house gases, which most of us have heard as carbon dioxide, and reduce our waste and “carbon foot print”. That  means how much each of us is contributing to global warming by the way we travel, live, by, bin as rubbish, recycle our waste and use our natural resources.

I had occasion back in May to attend a superb evening where the speaker was an authority on the enviroment and climate change and this is another blog which you can see here. 

Carbon dioxide is the most widely produced green house gas. Our modern living of driving cars, operating machines and dependency on oil results in this gas been released into the atmosphere and in simple terms causes the air to warm and global temperatures to rise. If the temperature rises too much then this would have a drastic effect on sea-levels, weather, contributing both to extreme weather conditions. Floods as well as drought in different parts of the world.

Scientists have predicted when the earth may experience certain temperatures rises which would become permanent. Hot climates would become desserts, Europe would experience tropical conditions and warming seas would become acid lakes killing of marine and other bio-diversity. These are just a few examples.

My friend- a scientist, recently said we should have been doing something about this 30 yrs ago. Alternative power will not be ready before 2050. He said that unless we did something very drastic to cut our energy, the lights and power will begin to go out in six to ten yrs.

basically, he said we are already in big trouble. We will not have enough energy to go on giving us unlimited power sources.

If the temp rises to 6 degrees C then life on this planet is no more as we know it. 80% of all life will cease.

We have all been told about this, though we may not wish to acknowledge it. Many people think it is not going to happen to them. The attitute appears to be: there is enough life left to see them out. That is a selfish attitude to take.

We must act and we must act now. Some would say:

” Well, what can I do?” we are already doomed.

Each person can do many things to reduce the rise of green house gases and help preserve this planet. In the end, if we don’t, nature will have its own victory in the end. The human, like a little parasite will be wiped out by floods, war and famine as people scramble to food, land, and more temperate climates- the ones that are left. People in Bangladesh will be no more, as their country succumbs to the rising tide.

WAKE UP EVERYONE. The clock is ticking and time is running out.

At least make a start and begin to do the following TODAY.

1) Use energy-efficient light bulbs.

2) Grow your own food and waste less. This helps energy reduction in the manufacturing food process and cuts down on air miles that food has to reach us.

3) Cut down on bin waste- landfill waste omit methane- a deadly greenhouse gas.

4) Save Water.

5) Turn off appliances on standby.

6) re-cycle and re-use.

7) Stop spending and throwing away needlessly.

8) Have a compost bin.

9) Cook your own food- less packaging.

10) Use energy efficient saver plugs.

11) Change your energy, eg electricity to green sources- Wind turbines.

12) Have a water barrel in your garden.

13) Line your loft and insulate your house- a common loss of heat and contributes to green house gases.

14) FLY LESS. Use trains, buses and buy a hybrid car which uses part battery to run it and save you energy costs.

15) Invest in a wind farm.

16) Use companies that have green ethics and credentials.

17) Look up your nearest Transition Town initiative. A growing movement of towns springing up all over the UK committed to local sustainability and to reduce our dependency on oil.

But most of all national government need to help ordinary people implement these measures as some-many could  argue that this costs money of which is a prohibitive factor.

I could go on but that is a start.

Please don’t put your head in the clouds. The CO2 cloud is here and it is going to consume us all to extinction.

It may be already be too late but that is no excuse. Prolonging the effects of this means we may buy ourselves more time on that clock to halt this climate change. We can’t sit by and do nothing.



This blog has been written in reponse to Blog Action Day on Climate Change.  see


I have always cared about health and education and have worked in both settings. Now I like to walk, love visiting church buildings and connecting with nature and its weather. I teach medical English as well as being a novice piano player. My dream is to play the organ.

One thought on “Blog Action Day on Climate Change Oct 15th 2009

  1. Well, clearly I agree with what you are saying. But I think that large swathes of the population are not going to be easily convinced to change their own behaviour whilst they can see others carrying on as before – here I mean public figures, neighbours, people in other countries etc. The only way, in my opinion to get these people to change their behaviour is to make it very difficult for them to do otherwise and that generally means through pricing. I noticed a huge fall in car use on the school run when petrol prices rose suddenly last summer – but many switched back to driving their little darlings about when prices went down.

    More money and manpower needs to be put into researching and establishing alternative energy sources, particularly in the short term, carbon capture and storage.

    I do understand how people can just sit back. The problem seems to immense that us switching to low energy lightbulbs, really does not make a big difference. I suspect we are going to have to see a big shock – something catastrophic happen – before people mobilise for action on a large scale.

    But the little things do help. In particular ensuring that we set our young people up with good habits so that they do attempt to live in the same way that we have.

    Local groups are good but all too often they preach to the converted and their make-up is often such that they are ignored by many people as middle-class do-gooders. They work most effectively when they have someone charismatic at the helm, like the woman who got plastic bags banned from her town.

    Great post

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