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Why I Enjoy Walking

I enjoy walking and decided on my evening walk tonight to express a few thoughts as to why I enjoy this form of exercise. You know how you just do a thing sometimes, thinking you know why you enjoy it, but have never sat down to fully explain why to yourself, let alone to anybody else.

That’s what I found this evening when I decided to return to my blog and wanted a simple uncomplicated theme, to kick start me into writing my thoughts down once more with the question: why do I like walking?

For me, it is often the feeling of un-restriction, the freedom to wander both in steps and daydreams. On Twitter, my profile starts off by explaining that I am a daydreamer. I love to wander everywhere in my thoughts and ponderings. I think about the day, people, events and then as I gaze around my surroundings, I often place people with a connection with what I see.

I love the peace that an country walk gives me and I prefer to walk alone, though I do enjoy walking with other people as well. Sitting on my favourite fence, half-way threw my walk this evening, I sit and listen to the quiet. You see, I am often most of the time with people and get very little time to myself. There is chatter, noise, music, voices. Bramble barks, the news is on. Someone is calling me for their attention because they want to show or ask me something etc.

My time on my walks is a chance to de-clutter all that noise from my mind. It then gives me space to think and reflect on things. I make decisions on my walks, have planned assignments and even written them in my head-well the gist of them anyway. I have formed letters, written lists and thought of phone conversations and ones I need to make.

Tonight, I have observed the dragonflies overhead, the lilac heather on the pathway, heard a sound of a plane, traffic in the distance. The rustle of the trees and several dogs barking not so far away. These sounds  both being a subtle and then a louder noise layering over each other. The former being the closest, the latter being in the distance.

On my walks, as all my Twitter friends know, I look at the sky and the various clouds. I stop, gaze upwards and just be still for awhile. I love sunsets, another reason why I enjoy a twilight walk. We have some marvellous skies here in Norfolk, UK. 

My walks are often about 30 mins, rarely more than an hour. I can walk longer but this length of time is often just enough for me, unless I am planning to go out further  and see something different. Then I am happy to walk all day.

 I enjoy talking the dog for a walk. It’s companionship without chatter and the need to be other than just yourself. The dog doesn’t mind if you feel a bit glum or just don’t want to say a lot. She doesn’t notice if your drift off or lose your way-which is rare. She is happy to go wherever you go. There is no conflict over time or having a teenager in tow, itching to get back home because she is bored. Bramble, my dog  is quite happy to fit into my walking arrangements and usually makes little demands, unless she pulls at her lead or chase a rabbit. I wanted to get another dog simply because it makes you get out and exercise and I do enjoy walking my pet.

Walking is also one way I can get out and take pictures. A good excuse both to meander and take the camera at the same time. I can have a double enjoyment then. I like to share my life with people, that is so important to me, so I think I enjoy the photography because this is one way of sharing what gives me pleasure, not just what I do, or where I go with other people, but how I am connected to my surroundings and the world in general.

 Walking can be the perfect way to start a conversation. I often find on my walks I stop and talk to fellow dog walkers, or back at home enjoy relaying what I have done or seen discovered on a journey. If there is a photo to back this conversation up on flickr, then so much the better.

In Conclusion, tell me in your own words why you enjoy walking and why? Where do you walk and how often? Anything else that this walking does for you? I enjoy it for it’s simplicity and simply to often unwind after a hard and intense day at work. I can see how I have transerfered this pastime now into running. But the running I shall leave for another blog.

It’s feels good to be back to blogging!



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

6 thoughts on “Why I Enjoy Walking

  1. My walking seems very different to yours.

    At one stage I used to walk very early in the mornings – 06:00-06:30. I enjoyed that a lot. It was cool, nobody else was around, and I used to listen to Radio 4 podcasts. I enjoyed the learning and the isolation. However, I couldn’t keep it up.

    In the past year I have walked in the afternoons, and I like that less. It is often hot. There are people about and I feel that people must be watching me form their windows – I don’t have easy access to the countryside like you. Now I tend to loose myself by trying to get acquainted with more music. However, I can’t say that I enjoy the experience anymore. When I do walk I tend to walk out of guilt – to make myself exercise – rather than as an enjoyable end in itself. And when I don’t walk, I feel even guiltier.

    I’m glad you enjoy your walks. Mine are an occasional necessary evil.

  2. To athinkingman.

    I would like to think that you could enjoy walking again. I could never get up at 6 in the morning and walk, can see why you had to give it up. Would you enjoy it more if you were able to walk in the countryside?
    I am a strong believer that you can make time to do the things you want. Perhaps, you should take the car out on a Sat afternnoon, with you camera ,and make an attempt to take a drive to the country and walk from there. There are loads of near places I could tell you about within 15 mins.
    You have to enjoy what you do to keep it going. Perhaps, a morning walk at the weekend is one way, for example, without work getting in the way.
    I am very sorry to hear that you are not enjoying walking anymore, and would hope to encourage you to re-kindle that interest. It is one form of exercise that is safe-given your PMH and so very necessary for you to do.
    How can it become more enjoyable again? Give that some thought as it really is a very nice experience if you can get it right. I love my walks.
    Living out in the country has many drawbacks but this is one example of where we are fortunate.
    Your answer shows that it is often the simple things in life that we enjoy, that we should not take for granted.
    Thanks for the comments.

  3. I love walking too. It isn’t rambling in the countryside that I like especially although that is nice occasionally, more just walking as thinking time. I don’t actually notice much of anything I walk past but it is a good opportunity to relax and sort things out in my head. I generally walk the two miles back from the school every day (I leave the car there) and that is great time to plan my day and switch over from mother mode to working mode or blogging mode or whatever the day has in store.

    Like you, I find 30 mins about perfect (which is how long it takes to walk 2 miles).

    It’s also good for my back!

    Sorry to be so late at commenting on this piece.

  4. welcome back, you were missed.
    I walk with my neighbour for an hour every morning, I love seeing the seasons turn, I love spotting the first of the first cherry blossoms, seeing the very last of the jasmine and magnolias.
    Some days, I feel I could walk forever I really do, a power seizes my legs and I don’t want it to end.

  5. Thanks I am not around here much at the moment but would like to follow you. I still enjoy walking and now run as well.

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