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Blogs, Books and other Stuff.

Hi to all my friends. 

300 pages into Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman and the book is finally holding me in it’s vice like grip, about 133 pages to go. Hoping to finish it in two days. It has been one of the longest fiction books to read. Since finishing my studies, it has taken me ages to get back  into reading for pleasure again. Kathryn wanted me to read it – a tale about apartheid and injustice, only the other way round. The blacks have the power this time, they are the crosses. The whites are the noughts. The struggle for justice, freedom and human rights is a strong one, particulary after the first half of the book. At first, I struggled with it and was bored and put it down – this is aimed at an older child audience, but  I am  determined to show my daughter that I would read it to the end and discuss it with her. That I took the time and bother, to read something she thought was good and wanted me to read, is important to me.

Whilst reading this slowly, life is great and I’m doing lots. Recognise that I can’t quite fit in all I want to do. Itching to do more reading again, both fiction and non-fiction.  Blogging is a struggle with time restraints. Onevoice needs to be the priority now and that is hard with the time available. So this blog is taking a long summer recess. I just can’t do both and this was never meant to be a time pressured thing.

Books beckon me in the book shop. Angles and Demons- Dan Brown looks thrilling. The kite Runner, can’t spell the author, and it’s sequel look appealing. The History of God by Karen Jones, an ex-nun looks fascinating. But it all takes time.

On flickr, an exciting new potential contact emerges. Geoff, my dear flickr friend, brought to my attention a guy who was talking  in pictures and words about the slum children in the Philippines and their survival, sifting through rubbish last night.   This needs to be blogged about. The human rights abuses of children in Irish care homes by Catholic nuns and priests has not left my mind. Haven’t forgotten about that either. And of course my interest in FGM will never be extinguished.

Combing that with family, gardening, running and yes, of course there’s the 30 hr per week job to do and  life is full and brimming. I am not complaining. Plan to return to onethoughtful in the autumn and going to have a very good summer.

Take care everyone and please visit me on onevoice1freedom when I can get there to write.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

One thought on “Blogs, Books and other Stuff.

  1. I have not read that book but maybe I should give it a try.

    it is good to read the same thing as the children – I often do so. Recently I read The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and then Harry and Jack read it after me and it sparked off some interesting discussions. Have you read that? It is very good (and short!)

    But it is hard to find time to read for pleasure – I try do so and often fail as there is always something more pressing to do (or it seems more pressing anyway!). It is often the children who persuade me to do so as they suggest things that they have read.

    Hope you enjoy your blogbatical

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