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A Lovely Birthday

At first we were hoping to go away for the weekend but for various reasons that was not on the cards. Then Mr E saw an advertisement for a sustainable living exhibition at the Forum in Norwich and he wanted to go there instead for his birthday day out.

This blog is just to say how simple things can often lead to one the best days out for a long time. We had a wonderful time and the day went ahead like clockwork. There were a few things to do first, always stuff to do first, but after picking up our friend at 9.30, who was looking after our daughter for the day, we were soon off.

The exhibition was good, not as many stalls as we thought there  might be, but enough to keep us interested for an hour. We saw Norwich Transition Town stand but sadly no one was Manning it, at that point, for us to talk to anybody. We are part of the King’s Lynn transition movement, but that’s another blog. I will explain what that means another time.

We had lunch in Subway. Mr E gets hungry early and then a bit of shopping. My husband was determined. No way was he going to use his Marks and Spencers voucher I had got him for his birthday.  A lovely dress beckoned and he was delighted to part with his voucher and for me to give him money instead. I was hoping he would buy clothes but that is like taking a horse to water and he just won’t drink it. So the dress was bought and he was pleased.

We took tea, wandered around Waterstones, visited the Belgian Monk pub, where I had been with three dear twitter friends a few months before. He enjoyed his two beers. Then it was off to see Star Trek. Mr E has always been a trekie fan. The film was exciting and excellent with great special effects. We saw pick-a-mix sweets before going in and laughed and scoffed some before the film had even started. Waiting for the film we sat by some tables, savouring a view of a park and the cathedral. We laughed and joked and felt like two school kids eating their sweets.

After the film, I took us for a meal. Not wanting the car to be shut in the car park for the night, we hastened back to the car, paid our £11 parking fee and headed back out onto the A47. I had just the place in mind, for a not- too- expensive bite, before the trip back. The Showground pub and restaurant by the Premier Inn provided us with a simple prawn and Salmon salad.( We were still quite full from the sweets but knew we needed to eat something).

Returning at 21.30, we finished off with a cup of tea and a tea light placed on top of his chocolate birthday cake. We sang happy birthday. By just after 22.15 Mr E, very content, was asleep.  He gets tired with his heart condition after a long day. However, he went to bed happy and with a lovely feeling of  a nice day. I am glad we have the memory of yesterday.

Today, we are out for lunch with our daughter, the friend who provided the flowers, cake and balloon pictured above, and I will be wearing my new dress, bolero matching top and beads that I bought yesterday with my pressie for Mr E. He has the cash equivalent in his pocket and I know what he will be spending that on, but that’s another blog and story.



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