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Blog Changes


Having deleted this post accidentally last week, let’s have a another try now.

This blog is to announce some important changes, for me anyway, as to how my posts will continue to be written and organised. Approx six months ago, I set up a new blog OnevoiceIfreedom to highlight, research and write about my deep interests in human rights, women’s issues and health. This has been sitting on the back burner, due to all sorts of reasons, but now the time has come for those concerns to take priority and be on the boil, rather on the back burner of the stove.

Onethoughtfulwoman will continue and from time to time will have general posts about other interests.  I do believe blogs are like like living things, they need to be fed regularly to sustain them, so onethoughtfulwoman will not remain idle. My wish is to use this platform  as a mini diary/ slot. Posts for the light hearted things, thoughts, pondering and rather like a log of events.

This is done with so much style and skill by one of my twiiter friends who writes while conducting an equally busy life with great charm, wit and sustains those of us who read it with great effectiveness. I enjoy reading her posts, simple and quick to read, as you speed through the day.

Blogging for me has been such a great experience. Meeting new people, making comments, helping others and improving my writing and thinking ability. I shall still continue to reply to other blogs. However, the time has come for the focus of my own work to change. It has been easy up to now to write about things which interest me, yet which takes little time to research. Now, the harder part is yet to come with this new project.

It will still be an infant blog for some time yet. I hope readers will see it grow in statue, strength and effectiveness to a mature site over the coming months. This will require motivation, focus and a lot of effort on my part. It is so easy for the day to be squeezed with the endless things, repetitive jobs we all have to do in order to live, keep a roof over our head and pay the bills.

For me, I live a hectic, all go, yet in many ways a simple life. I appreciate that what can I really know about human rights and conditions, overseas problems when my day consists of living and working in sleepy Norfolk. UK. The dog walk on the fen or driving all around the countryside looking after people, meeting deadlines is hardly a setting for real work in human rights.

Sometimes, I WISH I could just release all those chains of mortgage, the school day and earning a living and just fly, fly away to do some good somewhere. I hope one day I can. But for now, there is much I can do and learn, network and so forth.

I am very, very serious about all of this. I don’t have forever either. Being in a health-care setting I know how fragile life is, how it can be their one minute and how the next a serious diagnosis of illness can blow you away. It is a fine line we tread. I may have years, I may have only months. What ever time I have. The starting line can really wait no more.

Ok, in order for me to organise this, some foundations have had to be laid. Having I hope finished a three and half year course, there are tons of jobs to be done in the house. Over the last three weeks, I have had a blitz on the domestic front and the way it is run. So I have a more solid base in which to organise my time. I can not work in chaos. But the dust, dishes and decorating will always be there. No environment will ever be perfect.

So here goes. Please wish me luck, and for my regular readers I already know your encouragement is with me. My writing isn’t going to become so boring, serious and all about strife and suffering, we all need a balance.

Hence on here, this will be the lighter side to life.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

3 thoughts on “Blog Changes

  1. Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog.
    I learnt long ago just to be me… no good pretending to be into politics or saving the world…. people will either like me or hate me.
    I love writing my blog and i hope people enjoy reading it… some people would say its too personal at times but if you know me thats just the way I am….. very open and easy going 🙂

    Good luck with the new way of writing…. sure you will find it a great tonic and i may actually read a whole post because if they are too long i never get to the end 🙂

  2. I’m really looking forward to see what direction the other blog moves in, I think it’s fabulous and I hope I can get involved too, my friend reads it too, she is in Kolkata working on various projects concerning women and health.

    Have enjoyed popping in here from time to time too, thanks!

  3. To Miss Behaving.

    Thanks so much for the encouragment. Comments like these keep me going when things are tough.
    You have no idea how much you have brightened my day today when sometimes it get hard to do what you want.
    Thanks again.

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