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Why no Computer?

A quick post for me.

Wanted to see how it would feel like to be without the computer for  5 days, a week seemed too long, and also to do those tasks that I have been meaning to get done. Apart from 5 mins of e-mails that would be it. Planned to phone some long-distance friends, plant some stuff in the garden, read, do some cleaning and spend some more time with my family.

The Result:

I rang non-stop all week, late off work every night, took work home. Had commitments 4 out of 5 nights, went to a meeting, swimming, shopping, school commitments and last night, once ban off, had an evening out with friends.

Did I achieve what I wanted in the ‘ getting- on- sense?’ Not one single bit.

Did I enjoy being off the computer? I hated it mostly because I missed my friends and wanted to know what was happening on twitter.

Did I learn anything? Yes, the computer can be addictive. I had a sneak look on Twitter Wed night, after one of my girlfriends e-mailed me.

Would I change anything now? Yes, I am going to be more constrained about twitter time, do less but would never do another computer ban again for as many days. Perhaps a weekend, nothing more.

Anything else learnt? Yes, life is too short to make yourself have bans and denial for things we innocently enjoy. There is no point in self-sacrifice or fasting on things which are harmless fun.

You see you give up something and life will fill it up with more work and jobs. It can soon be filled. I achieved a sense of distance but that distance I didn’t enjoy. What was the purpose of that distance? I didn’t get anything I wanted to do extra done.

I  acknowledged how much you can rely on the computer for company which fills you with intellectual fulfillment and a certain buss feeling. That feeling is quite different from the love you receive from your family. I felt like a limb was missing.

So here I am. Back on line, well and happy. The carpets still need cleaning once again and the friends still need phoning. Guess I will get those things done in the end and still Will be able to dabble on here.

PS: The husband had part of a computer ban too and he said it was great to be off it. He uses the computer differently to me though. His usage is not for social pleasure. My use has many functions, the same apply to many of us I suspect.

How would you feel reader if you gave yourself a computer free week?What would you do with that time? I would be interested to hear from you.

Final word: boy it’s good to be back!!!!!



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

8 thoughts on “Why no Computer?

  1. I think I am addicted to computer too !! In this crazy world computer sometimes seem to be only true friend. Are we alienating ourselves from live human contact?

  2. I would die with out my computer…. I met my boyfriend through the internet i met most of my good friends through the internet i keep in touch with friends through the internet….. because of the internet iam in touch often with Geoff while hes travelling … i love my blog ..ooohhh the list goes on and on and yes i have a real life too running ,walking doing some gardening , cooking , watching sex in the city its all about planning your time…. 🙂

  3. To Atiya9. Hi I will reply to you more fully, intially thanks for visiting my site. Please to be acquainted.

  4. For Sally, yes I agree with what you say about time planning. That is the key. And Yes, I thought you would say you would die without your computer. To be honest, I would too.

  5. I try to be relaxed about most things. I spend a lot of time reading, telephoning, watching TV, blogging, photographing, teasing, listening to music, twittering, sleeping. As long as they are working for me and doing what I want them to do I accept them as part of life and use them as a means to relaxing, enjoying, and achieving my goals. If any one of them ceases to do that and becomes pointless or cluttering, I hope I would leave it and move on to something else. As you noted, things will always emerge to fill the time.

    At the moment, Tweeting is just a fun way of interacting socially, and of gaining information and help. During the past fortnight I have had considerable free technical help from twitter friends in helping me move my blog and in showing me how to submit my podcasts to iTunes. For me the ease of the interaction and quick access to information are the compelling elements.

    I wouldn’t want to be without a computer any more than I would want to be without a radio or TV or pen and paper or telephone. They are useful inventions which enrich my life and which enable me to do things more effectively than I could do without them. I am not troubled by the fact that 300 years ago people never had to worry about finding time to spend on the internet. That was their life. I don’t worry about it, but I do make time to go online and interact with people. I’m just glad that I don’t have to worry about walking for hours to deliver a message to someone in the next village or have to waste time by going to bed after dark because I couldn’t afford a candle.

    I think the point I am trying to make is that we are now living in an age when the internet is part of normality. Let’s treat it as such and get on with exploiting it in ways which bring pleasure or benefit to our brief lives.

  6. Thanks for that. For me, I hate feeling quilty about being on here. But I know I can choose not to, it’s my choice and I don’t anymore. Providing I am not negelcting those around me and get my jobs/tasks/employment done then I think part of my stroking-we have talked about strokes today, is to be on here too.
    I feel no shame and need no justification.
    All I am saying is, there is a balance and I am trying to do that, interacting with the touchable world as well as the one in cyperspace.
    Thanks for your comments. I have missed your contributions to my blogs recently. Please keep them coming.

  7. I always stay off the computer when I go on holiday even if there is internet available. But that is generally only for a week or a fortnight and it is not the same as being at home.

    I do take regular blogbatticals – I took 8 weeks off from blogging last summer but I did still use email and Twittered a bit. I didn’t miss blogging really but that was because I knew I was coming back to it.

    But I certainly wouldn’t cut the internet out of my life as some kind of punishment or test – I know that I need it and I am quite happy with that. I don’t need to spend a lot of time on it – just to know it is there. I work from home so would be very isolated without it.

    But I do what you did with the internet with regard to alcohol – and that is a kind of test. And I love to do it – it is such an easy challenge but good to do.

    Glad you are back anyway.

  8. Thanks for your comments Reluctant. As always a lot of commom sense and balance to this. I am just trying to find the right balance too. I find my blogs and flcikr can be very sporadic depending on the time available. I may have a blast with the pics and the words, then things come along so I find time goes and I have not done very much with either. Having two blogs now on the go is hard.

    My human rights one need time, research and care. Time I have not had a great deal of to spend. Hoping, now my course work is finsihed-pending a pass, I intend to spend more time looking at onevoice1freedom more.
    Just fitting all this stuff in is hard.

    I still have the veg seed to plant and a tree to go in. That is Tuesday I hope.

    Sometimes, I think of having a diary work plan, but is that too rigid? I don’t like my life to be robotic around time tables and diaries-like an appt system.
    My family always monitor my computer time, not in a horrible way, but they do encourage to not be on here so much. I do feel the pressure to conform to their wishes. Hence, the ban- to see how I would feel.

    Enough said.
    Thanks for the input.

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