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Looking out to Today

Today, I go to a library return some books and find the last pieces of information to tweak an assignment. Three and  a half years of study is drawing to a close-well, in this chapter anyway. But of course my commitment to life long learning goes on but also to learn not just out of books.

I am giving myself nine short- term goals to now focus upon and this also embraces an opportunity to get out more and have some fun and social life with family and friends. Within these goals there is a more serious side: to do some good as well, or at least try to. They are as follows:

1) To continue my pursuit of my concerns, those being human rights and specifically women’s health. I will continue to develop my other blog site and to contact FOREWARD- Foundation of Women’s Health, Research  and Development. My aim is to initially visit this organisation in London.

2)  To create further an environment of care and peace at home and to cherish relationships. On a very practical level to get some basic home decorating done, encouraging the others here at home to do this with me.

3)  To improve my photography. This includes editing, shooting, days out and the theory of the camera and what makes a good shot.

4)  To take up the subject of the history of art. I figure that if I am to understand life, think and observe more and create better images I need to understand this subject further. To stand still and look at something long enough to form an impression. (I can be too busy, both in my head and in my actions to stand still and notice sometimes.)

5)  To continue to improve my writing and English skills.

6)  To get back out onto the garden again and also grow some vegetables.

7)  To not give up on the swimming, given the progress I have made, and also continue, to walk, run and cycle.

8)  Continue my new involvement with King’s Lynn Transition Town.( I’ll blog more about what that is another time).

9)  To have a better relationship with money and continue to save some more disposable income.

 Just because something has been written first or last, it does not neccessarily mean it does not have an equal weight of importance.

These are goals drawn up for the next six months and I will record at the end what I have achieved. Interestingly, my aim was to have five and it has finished with nine. But these are all do-able. In fact, many are being done already.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

4 thoughts on “Looking out to Today

  1. I have set myself a few goals for while geoff is away… get my running back to 60 mins ( did 40 mins tonight )… loose 10lb in weight lost 3lb already …. try to read some books …. all come straight to mind 🙂

  2. A great set of goals. I always find goal-setting as a good way of helping me move forward. For me, it is important to have achievable goals, and to have them so specific, that I will know when I have achieved something towards them. I have broken one of my present long-term goals down into six parts so that I can encourage myself along the way and measure what I have achieved. I’m still only part way to achieving part one, but that does seem more reachable than the bigger goal which would might be discouraging because it is too distant.

  3. To athinkingman:

    That is really good idea that, breaking down one big one into a more manageable size. Thanks for the encouragement. I feel all my goals are not so through the sky, that they are off limits. As I reach each one, I can rasie the game slightly by making them more challenging.
    For now though, I am very happy with these as they are.

  4. Yes, I am a goals person too. And yes, they need to be short-termish and achievable. I too break mine down – although initially I think I only identify the big goal and the first step towards it. When I’ve achieved the first stage, the second stage is easier to see.

    I must revisit my NY goals when I get home. I have not really been focusing on them whilst I’ve been away.

    Yours all sound pretty good to me. Just remember not to beat yourself up if you don’t make progress in a particular area or at the rate you expect. Flexibility is the key or you’ll give up at the first hurdle.

    Good luck with them!

    Oh and Happy Easter!!

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