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Earth Hour

I was looking foreword to lighting my candles this evening to celebrate and recognise Earth hour at 20.30. The glass bowl for floating candles, not used for awhile, had centre stage on our dinning table this evening. At 20.30 I looked out of my window to see if people in our neighbourhood were observing this hour too. They were not.

I was disappointed. Perhaps, they had not heard about it. But it had been on the six o’clock news this evening. Not judging anyone but perhaps they simply didn’t care or didn’t want to bother. What ever the reason, I discovered one very lovely thing about this year’s Earth hour: simply the peace.

We had turned our TV and computers off too. The candles were errie but the quietness was bliss. My daughter and I sat together in the twilight. We were waiting to pick my guy up from work. We read in the candlelight, me looking at course work and my daughter at a magazine. We had a drink and talked quietly. Our conversation took us back to the Victorian times where pastimes in the evening would have been books, conversation, writing letters in the candle light or playing cards.

We didn’t want this Earth hour to end. But it did and then with husband back from work, the flurry of the microwave and the brewing of tea.

The important point to make. We can bury our heads in the sand, but this is truth. We have less than 100 months left to save our planet from irreversible global warning causing sea level rises, flooding and other environmental impacts and damage. Tonight, let that be suffice for now. Have a think about it. It will happen unless we all do something NOW!

Just wanted to share a few thoughts about Earth hour this evening.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

One thought on “Earth Hour

  1. I”m glad you observed Earth Hour and that you enjoyed the peace and tranquillity. I didn’t get the opportunity to do so as we were out at a restaurant at the designated time. So I didn’t get the chance to see how widely it was observed here either.

    But it was quite well publicised – a banner at the school and lots of posters. They held a candlelit picnic at the school and at a couple of other sites in the city which was rather nice.

    I have really enjoyed being here for the simplicity. I have used my computer but I haven’t watched television at all. And I haven’t missed it one bit – we talk of an evening instead or play silly games or do stuff on the computer. It’s all more interactive and communicative than staring at the TV. Not that I let my children watch TV at home – but I do. At 9pm in the UK my TV goes on for an hour or so regardless of what is on offer.

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