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Another Spiritual Dimension?

( A ten minute blog).

Do you believe in a spirit world? Another dimension of the mind?

Yesterday at a party, a work colleague read my palm. She told me that I had had one previous relationship, had one child and had likely to have lost another. That my path verged off in my mid thirties but I did not stay on it and went back to my original path which I would stay on for the rest of my working life. That my life line suggested that my life would nearly end at some point but that I would live and go on for the rest of my life line which was a long one. ( In the past a gypsy had predicted that my life span would be 92. My father’s is predicted at 97. He is now nearly 80). Finally, my husband would be my final relationship. She could see no more men after him. That was about it.

All of what she said rang true. I have been divorced, have one child and probably miscarried two months into this marriage. In my mid thirties ,I had the opportunity to switch career paths and teach floristry but decided not to. The previous Gypsy had also told me that my life would nearly end but it would go on. I would be saved for another day. I can see that my husband Dave will be my last relationship, having been married for 16 yrs and coming through some turbulent,  troubled waters the other side. Our relationship is now much calmer than for a long time.

You could say all of this is coincidence and exsisting knowing. She knows I have one child for example. However, the career path was interesting and the other information she did not know. She also possesses, she tells me, a sixth sense, one where if you go into a room you can tell if it is a good atmosphere or not. I have this feeling too some times and knows others who do too.

Where does this leave us? Is there another spiritual dimension to our world? I think there is. Too many convincing stories I have heard by very sane people, for it all to be nonsense. Have you- readers any stories that you wish to share on the subject?

I am intrigued.



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2 thoughts on “Another Spiritual Dimension?

  1. As a mathematician I have to say that I do not believe in things like this being anything other than Sherlock Holmesian detective work (and that is a talent in itself) and coincidence. I have guessed things about people before now just from the strangest things – things I haven’t even realised I have noticed myself. Hard to explain – but I don’t mean I have any spiritual skills, just that I often put 2 and 2 together and get 5 and sometimes I am right – often I am right and I am never sure how I got there but if I think through it carefully I can work it out.

    But I have heard amazing stories of things people have been told. I have no problem with others believing in it and am happy to think that maybe one day I could be persuaded. But I can’t see it happening somehow.

  2. To Reluctant Blogger.

    I knew you would feel this way and I can’t say I don’t blame you. As a mathematician I know you are schooled in logic and probability. It seems nonsence doesn’t it.
    I don’t know really if any of this is true, it may be or not.
    I see it as fairly harmless for me but may not be for others.
    I think there may be something in all of this but I am not sure what.
    Thanks for your honesty and for passing by once again.

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