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Balancing Lifes’ Scales

A mini-post for today.

Life generally feels so much better these days and I thought a few observations about this feeling would be worth posting this morning. Stress is something that has plagued me a lot in my life, that learning to handle it better did seem essential only a few weeks back. There is one thing important which has leapt out and graped me in particular since then.

Stress can be tolerated if you feel empowered and in control. You can be busy and hectic, yet if you feel well, engrossed, on top of the situation and feeling confident, it appears -well for me anyway, that you have the energy and drive to deal with it. Negative stress is where you feel events are taking over, that drowning feeling under a ton of responsibility, jobs and the shere weight, burden and heaviness of the whole experience. That is what leads to burn out for me.

My work/life balance has always had tight boundaries. Yes, I will stay late when there is a real need, like this week especially. I don’t mind and will try to take the time back at some point. I am never a rigid clock watcher:

“Right down tools” kind of attitude. My work can not be dictated by diary slots and appointments. Working for the sick and vulnerable is never routine. People don’t plan to be ill on schedule. However, I do place strict limits as to what work I take home. I liked to be paid for what I do and my voluntary work is not usually connected with any paid employment. Home/Life balance still needs more work to maintain this better. That’s because it is all around you, and the boundaries are right up, across and into your face in the home environment.

Even so, I have with reasonable success, created a more efficient home life and extra fun and creative time. This still needs more work though. I haven’t the correct weight on the scales yet for this aspect to be evenly balanced. Children can erode on time and I have had to be stricter on this. No more just clearing up the mess and being like a Cinderella.

I love my time on the Internet, yet blogging has been patchy and flickr has been virtually nil. This needs adjustment. Too much time on Twitter and yet so much still to learn from  the whole computer experience. Photo editing, PowerPoint presentations, Skype and  word-processing are skills which all takes time. So much to learn. This being fitted around academic study soon to be completed.

In conclusion: Being happy in your work and in control, having enough sleep and eating the right foods are all vital if we are to live productive, healthy lives. Having things to look foreword to and having some protected times of rest and mini pampering is also good for the spirit. It means that if you have a tough time ahead with work etc, then you feel more prepared and you don’t resent it so much. I have the next five days ahead which are going to be toughies, yet I am already looking ahead at the six days after that, which will be time off . Learning to clear sections of the dairy ahead and say:

“No more, this is all for me now. I have worked hard and earned this.”

And not to feel guilty about it, or to let someone/or something hijack the space.

Learn to say NO!

Have a great Day.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

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