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Tiredness and Technology

One of my twitter best friends (Sally) enjoy reading short posts and this one is ideally for her.

Usually my posts are longer and deeper, wider and more expansive but this little note sums up my frustration tonight.

At present, I am fed up with technology and feeling bedraggled by it. In the last 30 mins, my dongle has yet again failed to give me any Internet connection. I have had it less than three weeks. I can’t find the receipt but have a contract, but who is going to want to take responsibility to change it, should it be faulty to exchange it. It flashes away but nothing:? computer settings up the shoot? Maybe. Awaiting friend -neighbour to look on Wednesday.

My dongle and new Dell mini notebook was bought as a gift when my brains were fried- a rather taxing time at work the week before, hence ,where the receipt is is a blur. My husband whose memory is worse than mine have no recall either.I have a contract, so let’s hope someone might change it, otherwise I don’t know. More money down the drain

Writing this post, I have now tried to upload an image from the computer only too fail, a blank screen is all I have. To fed up to even try to fathom that one out. I followed the instructions, save image, NOTHING, AHHHH.

Reading books is easier. I look on twitter and read about people talking about applications I have not a clue about.Last night I tried to successfully scan an image into a word document and once again no go.

Tiredness and technology do not go together. I and technology do not go together.

Tonight I am fed up with both being tired and hopeless and could throw all my gadgets away, that I can neither get to work nor master.

Perhaps, I will just go back to writing letters.

I am totally FED UP.



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4 thoughts on “Tiredness and Technology

  1. Yes, I understand the frustrations technology can bring.

    As part of my past IT role I worked with a number of people that felt that IT was against them. Often the solution was simple for ‘those in the know’ but for the people involved it was a difficult time to put it mildly.

    As I understand it you are using a 3 dongle. I have two of those and find that they tend to work quite reliably. When I have hit problems it has always been down to the drivers installed. My suggestion at this point is to uninstall all of the drivers, reboot your laptop, plug the dongle in again and let the drivers reinstall.

    The other obvious thing to ask is if you are getting a signal? In the software what type of connection are you getting with 3 – 3g, GPRS, HSDPA etc? Is the problem simply that you are not getting any network signal to connect through?

    I am sure that technology can be made to work for you. And that is an important point – it needs to work for you and not against. If you are fighting it all of the time then I am not surprised at your frustrations.

    If I can help at all let me know.

  2. yes I have read it and now i wonder if there is anything i can do to help…..Its awful when we spend our hard earned money on stuff that then wont work how we want them too.

    If it helps i could come and give you a nice relaxing indian head massage .. the answer to everyones problems…lol

    be in touch soon ps was great to be called a best friend 🙂 x x

  3. Aww the head massage sounds just what you need.

    Maybe there was something in the air last night as I felt that I had had enough too. And it was just silly things that set me off – having left my camera connection lead at home and not having a clue how to download photos without it. And other silly things besides.

    You are more technological than I am cos I don’t even know what a Dongle is. It actually sounds rather Australian!

    Hope you feel brighter when you wake up in the morning and manage to find the missing bits and pieces and get everything working. Nothing ever works when we are tired. It’s one of those annoying Laws.

    Big hugs xxx

  4. I just want to say a huge thanks to all three of you for making it all seem so much better. Thanks most of all for just being there. Will let you know how it can be all fixed.
    It is so nice to know people like you are out there and for the practical suggestions.
    Thanks for the hugs too.

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