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Thought for the Day:Roofs

This came to me yesterday when I was out on a dog walk and I wanted to share it with you. It goes something like this. As I am writing here, more thoughts are feeding into this process.

Why do we do what we do?

We work hard to keep a roof over our head.

When we have the roof, we spend all our time just maintaining that roof so it does not leak all over us.

We work so we can pay to have things within the walls of this roof.

Then we spend all of our time trying to find those things or keep our possessions tidy within this roof.

We walk the dog, so she doesn’t get bored and chew things within our dwelling, to get out of this confined space.

In order to have the energy to stay in this roof, and to find and maintain the things within it, we have to nourish our bodies by labouring to feed ourselves.

We shop for food, so we can feed ourselves, come home and expend energy to store these things for later need 

Then once we have fed this machine, called a body, we then have to clear up  the efforts of this process.

So we can then start the wheel of work and maintain all over again.

If we clear one weed in the garden, then another springs up so we have to repeat the process.

If one weed springs into our minds, we have to counteract it by saying something positive and kill it.

The problem is we tend to repeat this same process of weeding and de-weeding too within our minds.

Some of us then have so many psychological weeds we become, frustrated, sad or sick.

Then we have to work to pay someone to help us with psychotherapy or pills to help us address this

Which means we have less money to go out and enjoy ourselves, or take a break, or give up work and ship out from the roof which contains us.

So we might stay stuck in our rut of work and our own roof which becomes a prison of our making.

So why are we here?

Actually, I am seriously asking this question.

Why are we here?

What is the point of our existence?

Yes, ok we can do good, help people, have holidays, do good works but is that an end in itself and the only end?

So why are we here?

To be honest, I am beginning to wonder.

What do you think?

Just a thought.

Hopefully someone might answer.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

4 thoughts on “Thought for the Day:Roofs

  1. It is really good to break out of that cycle once in a while – the physical/materialistic one I suppose I mean. I have done it once or twice. In a sense I have done it to some degree by quitting my career and being very laidback about mess, cooking and money. But I have the luxury of a sound financial backdrop against which to do that (less sound than it was!) But none of the physical stuff matters – we leave this world with nothing.

    I never think about why I am here. I do not think I need a reason. I am happy (or sad) to take each day as it comes. I do not tax myself unduly with what I do for other people (although clearly I do have a role there) or what I achieve in a particular day or year or whatever.

    It is this which always strikes me when I go to the sites where there is the religion/atheist debate – this quest for purpose (if there is no God why are we here sort of thing). Because I do not have that need to know why I am here, or where I am going or what I will have achieved at the end of it. I do get swept along in rhythm and routine and chores of course but I try to keep them in the background and make plenty of time just to be. Strange really that it does not tax my mind as I am an over-thinker about most things. But not this. I accept I am just a biological entity and that I am here whilst I am here and what I do with that time is largely up to me.

    Great post by the way.

  2. Thanks both to Sally and reluctant blogger for their answers.
    I agree Sally with your sentiments. I hope I would do this as you do.

    To Relucs, I think you have thought out an answer well.

    The trouble for me is I think too much and perhaps just do the wrong things-sometimes.
    The problem for me, at the moment, is I am stuck as to what I would like to do instead.
    So much of my energy has been taking up with just getting by, that I don’t know where to start in the process of change.
    Always a reason why something seems impossible.
    Wrong shifts, no money, no childcare, dog to sort out, like so many ties.
    Trying to plan a weekend for a friends birthday in Feb is like a marathon. Husband putiing last minutes requests in for time off and hoping he gets it.
    You just don’t bother or give up in the end.
    I have this weekend off and I am stumped as to what we can all do.
    No-one has any ideas, apart from the cinema.
    I know only I/we can change.
    Perhaps, my husband and I should take up a hobby and be very ruthless.
    Everyone else can just stay at home. The dog can just chew up the place and K can sit and do what she wants.
    It’s just a question of what?

  3. In answer to your question about purpose, I suppose, like Relucs, I now think: “Does there have to be a purpose? Can’t there just BE?” I suppose I just think I am here.

    I can gain pleasure in two ways: 1) by trying to find enjoyment in some of the things that have to be done (accepting that that isn’t always possible; 2) by creating pleasure in the freedom I have.

    Freedom can be difficult if you don’t draw firm boundaries around what you are responsible for and what you can do. Without those life can become exhausting. 🙂

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