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Qualified for the Job?

This week has seen Barack Obama’s success in securing the position of 44th President of the United States of America. Our new President-elect is now in a transition phase from senator to President, formally taking this office in January 2009. I for one welcome the change. Sorry folks, to those of you living in the USA and who voted for G.W Bush, but my thoughts and views of this man have been little more than thinking he was a wooden, power hungry clown; as I see him strutting off his planes and doing that power walk, arms marching out to the sides. It is widely now considered and accepted that his presidency has been disastrous, not only for those people who elected him but for the whole world’s stage.

But this short blog is not to discuss him but ask an important question. What actual qualifications do a man or women need to have to become a President of any country? For my occupation, I had to train three years to acquire the skills and knowledge to become a registered nurse. A teacher has to spend three years obtaining a degree and then a further year securing a post-grad teaching qualification. Doctors, architects, vets and pilots spend much longer obtaining their tickets to practice. Why? Because these positions are very important ones concerning the education of our young minds, the healing and care of the sick and the safety of people and buildings.

Now back to the president’s post: As I understand it, the senators from each party choose two senators to stand for that party in the race to the White House. We see two candidates then fighting it out for the people’s vote. ie: such as we saw with Hiliary Clinton and Barack Obama. (Please I am open to any correction, I am no authority on this process at all). Then once we have one candidate from each side (Democrat V Republican) the battle ground to succeed to the top slot really begins. All I am asking is, how can be measure what these candidates can really do and how good are they in all aspects of this huge position that is required of them? One of these people will, once elected, hold the black box ready to give the nod if a nuclear strike should be made. Pretty important stuff being one of the most powerful people on the planet.

A few thoughts to leave you with. Ronald Regan was an actor before his presidency. Sarah Plain has been criticisied on Fox news for thinking that Africa was a country, not a continent and not knowing what Nafta, (North American Free Trade Agreement) stood for. Also for not knowing the two other countries that make up this trade organisation, excluding the USA as the third. By-the-way the answer is Canada and Mexico. Arnold schwarzenegger is the Governor of California, and I understand a good one, but he was once the Terminator in the well-known action movie.

Can you see my point? Discuss!



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7 thoughts on “Qualified for the Job?

  1. I think the only qualities anyone needs for the job is to be a good politician, and these days that means:
    1) Having a relatively ‘clean’ past.
    2) Being married, not being a Muslim or a Mormon or an atheist, and not being gay.
    3) Being quite good at oratory and debating.
    4) Being able to inspire people – having some sort of leadership charisma.

    After that, you get the job and just pay other people to be the experts in the areas that you know nothing about.

    I think I take the view that if you are good leader and manager you can lead and manage in any industry or position. OK, initially it can help a bit if you know something about the job, but that expertise is not essential as you can learn on the job and you can employ people underneath you to worry about the details. But if you can think strategically and make important decisions based on the best advice, then those skills can be employed at the top of most organisations. If you look good on TV, you could even become the president of the USA.

    Few, if any Ministers for Health in the UK have had any connection with the Health Service. They get the job and do it largely on the advice of civil servants.

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  3. I just wanted to thank you so much for visiting my site and for such encouragement and endorsement. I have had my blog now for a year and take what I write very seriously.
    One day, I would love to beable to write something that someone would find good enough to publish. I have many concerns, interests and passions and have just created a second site onevoice1freedom, specific to those interests of women and human rights.
    I took a look at your site-Guildford eye and thought this was very impressive.
    Please do drop by again. I respect all views and opinions.
    I think the internet, while it can receive a bad press, is a fantastic thing. Many writers/thinkers have scoffed at bloggers, saying they are bad news for serious writing. You endorsement means so much to me, because I don’t want to be cast in this way. I want my work to be quality,both in truth and decency.

  4. I agree mostly with what athinkingman says (on this I mean!).

    I think for a big job like this a person has to be more than the sum of his or her parts and really specifying qualifications would be inappropriate. It goes beyond that.

    Clearly it does help if people are not too stupid but Bush got in, didn’t he, so even that is not always a barrier.

    There is so much power behind the scenes. I remember a long time ago I used to write speeches for a minor MP and whilst I was given a brief (these were speeches on the textile industry so nothing earth shattering) I wielded enormous power really. My MP would often just whip the speech out of my hand and go and deliver it without having read it through first. I could have got her to say all sorts!

  5. Hello!

    I won’t comment on the politics surrounding this, but I would like to add one small correction to your premise as to how candidates are chosen.

    The process is not limited to one or two people “picked’ by any committee or entity, and those chosen do not have to be Senators or even connected to Washington politics in any way at all. Theoretically, ANY American who can build a financial base and a support base, CAN become President.

    G.W. Bush, for instance, was never a member of the house OR senate . . . he was Governor of the state of Texas. Former President Jimmy Carter (now THERE’S a disastrous Presidency) was never anything other than a peanut farmer and Governor of the State of Georgia, much to many Georgian’s dismay. The joke in Georgia when he began his “run’ for the Presidency was about his comment, “I’m going to do for the country what I did for the State of Georgia.” And that’s what he did – – – nothing but embarrass us.

    Anyway, I’m far too political and opinionated and you are far too nice for me to wax “eloquent” or otherwise about my personal politics.

    I love your blog and I love your Flickr photos!!! Thanks for sharing yourself . . . you write beautifully.


  6. Hi Claire,

    Thanks ever so much for yor comments. I was hoping someone like yourself may have been able to alter or help with any ammendments in the selection process. This info given is very useful. I was seeing it from my very limited understanding of this. So it is really appreciated when comments are constructive and helpful such as yours.
    Thanks also for the general opinion about the writing and the photos.

  7. I can’t say that I am well versed to respond anything political. I think our politicians kind of like to keep it that way here. I do think you raise an excellent post. It just seems that anyone who is roaming in the “political world” has the chance. All that aside, I could not be happier about our president elect. I don’t think I have yet to hear him speak once that I am not completely impressed. I hope he has the actions to back it up.

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