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September has always been one of my favourite months of the year- the second favourite being May. For some, this month may herald a time of fading hopes of a summer that never was, the chill of the fresh late summer or the early autumn air which feels cold, as winter will soon be upon us once more. So why does September fill me with so much hope and pleasure rather than gloomy thoughts of falling leaves, fading light and foggy trees? This little blog explains why.

I love the light in September. There is no longer the harsh summer glare. The light appears to be softer to me, but just as crisp and clear as a mid-summer’s day. Of course there is still plenty of light for an early evening stroll and dusk is still after eight pm. It is usually not very cold; our September months can be dry and sunny. You can walk out into the garden without a coat and can come back from a stroll, without the inevitable mud and splatter on your shoes, that can so often accompany a winter walk.

For me, as a lover of nature and also being a florist I adore the colours, fruits and berries that this month brings with splendid and abandonment. The blackberries are every where and we seem to have a particularly plentiful crop this year. I love making fruit crumbles and pies when time allows. My husband says that autumn can be so depressing with the leaves decaying and everything dying within this season. However, I do not see death at all in this month, with the forthcoming rotting of the leaves and the bare arms of the trees. For in the melting away of this year’s layer of dust and time, there heralds a new beginning just around the corner.

This month is the start of so much which feels like peace, order and a newness to me. Firstly, it is the start of the new academic year. Children returning to school and students returning to college or soon to go to univeristy. A new time table of adventure. I have always loved that glossy, clean feel to a new and un-opened text book or reference material. It gives me shivers now to think about it. You open the page which is pristine, a blank canvas in which to imprint your future goals and hopes.

In the wild, animals are busy preparing for a new start. Where I work I can see the squirrels foraging and collecting acorns to bury, so they can eat all the winter through. Flowers and plants may look tired and dying but this is only to lay the foundations of perhaps a stronger more thicker plant or bloom next year. How many of us plant snowdrops, traditionally planted in September, to see a beautiful white carpet after Christmas?

So for me I will continue to enjoy this month in all its rich splendour and perhaps, I may encourage you not to look ahead at the gloom of winter (though that can equally have its charms) but think of this month as a new dawn and a happy time.

Enjoy your September! I will.


I have always cared about health and education and have worked in both settings. Now I like to walk, love visiting church buildings and connecting with nature and its weather. I teach medical English as well as being a novice piano player. My dream is to play the organ.

2 thoughts on “September

  1. I like the autumn light. I think there is a richness about it, especially in the late afternoons.

    I like your optimism and sense that you feel on the start of something fresh and refreshing.

  2. I do love the mists over the fields in the morning and the cosy evenings in by the fire. But like your husband I feel that Autumn marks an ending – and I have to fight hard to stay happy at this time of year. I am a sun lover and the sun gives me energy and resilience and I find September is a period of adjustment for me, when I have to find other ways to retain my bounce.

    It’s funny how we are all influenced by the seasons in different ways.

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