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Butternut Squash and Paprika Soup.


Recipe for my soup:

I haven’t posted for a while, long over due this post due to work and family commitments. Anyway, here I am with my simple little recipe I want to share with you, having written my last post.


One Butternut Squash.

One pan of water with chicken stock cube.

One onion.

About one and half teaspoon of Paprika spice.

Pepper and mixed herbs, including parsley and basil to taste.

Chop all vegetables to smallish cubes and simmer in stock, add herbs and paprika at the beginning to add to the flavour with the slow simmer.

Simmer for approx 20-25 mins slowly.

Puree in blender and serve straight away hot with sprinkle of extra parsley.

I used no extra salt in this. From a health view point I would prefer not to use chicken stock cube but real chicken stock which I have yet to try. You may want to add more season as the butternut squash is quite sweet, infact we tried it without the stock and we didn’t like it.

This was my own creation and something thrown together quite quickly. I understand from another fellow blogger that this vegetable and ginger is rather nice.

Price: £1.46p

served: Six bowls.

Normal tinned soup, price equivalent £0.60 for tin of Heinz soup seen in local supermarket. Six cans total price £3.60.

Saving £2.14p.

Salt saving for not using normal cans of soup 11grams of salt.

Hope you have found this interesting even if the soup does not appeal.



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