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Tech-ie Tig:the new adventure

My nick name from the guy at home is TIG-er. Always has been since we first met. Now I am becoming Tech-ie Tig as my skills in technology grows by the day. I am taking a pause from my serious women’s stuff and want to spend , hopefully, a creative time explaning why I am a tech convert. Being rather shy of gadgets I have never bothered too much with them –  until I became involved in photography and my studies; learning computer skills was a must for both and the need just to e-mail a few friends became a thing of the past.

The whole issue for me around technology has rested up to recently on two things. Firstly, I love nature and people, hence gadgets seemed cold, lifeless, some what stilted objects, where people fiddled and played with them because they wanted to partly dis-engage from the real world, at least for a short while. I know of one friend who did just that until he died last year. Sometimes, I still see technology, as a subtle but sinister way of removing people from the social scene. The do-it-yourself check out system is one such example. You don’t talk to anybody while you press the buttons to pay, and it may mean people are no longer required to be employed. I don’t want society to turn into robots.  My husband in particular refuses to use such check outs and doesn’t own a mobile. Funny that, because he does love the computer.

That last point says a lot for me. It is all to do with confidence and function. My husband loves the computer because he can relate to it, have confidence to use it and it serves him a useful purpose, especially when he look up his eco stuff and take part in environmental surveys. To play or communicate on the phone is another thing altogether: he hates the phone so hence, his head blocks out the enquiry and interest of using a mobile. He says he does not understand one very much, when in reality he is not that bothered about that piece of engineering.

Years ago, it was he and not me that used to play on the computer, checking share prices, as then he was a keen stock market investor. Now, it is the other way round and we smile about it. For me, I have discovered that I could not live without my computer, internet access, my blog, flickr. To be without this would be like the end of life itself for me now. The big shift for me is simply this.

 I can see how technology makes the world an exciting place, to listen to music from the ipod when watching clouds and taking the dog for a walk. The pleasure of writing to my friends on-line, instead of waiting for the letter from my Australian penfriend to drop through the post. To publish my thoughts on line, knowing there are people out there, (a whole forum of people), who might just might be interested in what I have to say, even if they don’t leave a comment. I don’t have to be at the mercy of some publisher giving me the nod to express my thoughts.

Technology has enriched my life, given me new skills and confidence. It has brought pleasure to other people’s lives. I have just had a holiday and the owner of the B/B where we stayed is now merrily uploading her images to flickr and keeping in touch. She said something which made me realise how important skill sharing is,

If you had not been here to show me how to get my flickr account and upload, I would have tried on my own, stumbled upon an internet hick-up, got in a muddle and given up.

My skill enabled her to achieve something she could not, and now she can pass this to another. And so the world goes round. I am enormously grateful for those who have taken the time (and who still are willing) to teach me about the world of gagdets. Why struggle when a piece of equipment can help you? The new iphone is the next possible step in my tech adventure. Yes, I see it just as that. To be able to find a place by a touch of a button, giving me a map. To draft my writing when away from home. The former, I could have done with that last year when we were all trying to find a place in Portsmouth, that no map could help find. It would have saved time, stress and petrol as phone directions were required to find our place of stay last year on our holidays.

Considering all of the above,I believe I can be good with technology because:

  1. I have the patience to learn. Have nearly banged my brains out on here learning wordpress, and its great to have cracked it all but.
  2. I can see the advantages of technology in so many subject areas.
  3. It increases my confidence in other areas of study and the skills are transferable to other activities I have found very useful.
  4. People see you as a clever sod. Well, it helps at work and at home. People are impressed with my blog and my computer skills. They look me up and want to read. They see I have interests, perhaps I have not mentioned. They read and learn something.
  5. I have taught my aunt to text and now she doesn’t have to write letters anymore. She is 74 and loves it. My Uncle is now enrolled on a computer course.
  6. My photos have gained public exposure and one is now on the new iphone as part of a travel guide. This would have been unthinkable to me a year ago.

Do I want to stop learning now? Not a chance. I am a new convert, and the enthusiam of a evangelical convert to the cause of tech. Tech-ie Tig has seen nothing yet. I will continue to surprise myself and while I will always value people over objects, flowers and nature over steel; I love the thought of all those buttons.

Finally, the iphone. I can’t wait to feel the smooth sleekness in my hands ( I hear the feel is wonderful) and for the lights to illuminate the screen, as it is pushing the buttons simultaneously in my brain . Bring it on!!!!!



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

3 thoughts on “Tech-ie Tig:the new adventure

  1. An interesting and well argued piece.

    I have always been captivated by technology – simply because once mastered, it seems to make life so much easier and interesting. I cannot now imagine life without a mobile phone or the internet. They make the world smaller, communication easier, and life much more enjoyable. People can, of course, choose to ignore these developments, but personally, I don’t want to accept second best when something better is available.

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