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My Musical Tastes


I thought today of writing my next blog about why I love music and what type of music I love the most.

I thought first though it might be a good idea to give you a current example of what my tastes, which are many and varied are. This track from Coldplay is currently what I am listening to on my Ipod at present. I particularly like this groups sound and presentation vocals and choice of instruments used in their recordings.It may not be your cup of tea, dear blogging audience, but I have enjoyed listening to it again. The guys are quite hot too, especially the vocalist.

Per-chance to dream when I listen to music. I move away to a far distant place alone with my thoughts and feelings in a busy world. This is an arena where I allow myself to fantasise, plan and hope for an ambitious future. Swirling to the music, I loose myself in the melody.

That’s a quick snap shot in writing about some of the reasons why I love the beat of the rhythm called music. I will fill you in next time on more of the sounds that makes me rock and my heart beat and most of all why.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

4 thoughts on “My Musical Tastes

  1. Oh yes, music has always been part of my life. No-one in my family was musical in terms of playing instruments but my mother always had the radio on and in the evening we would often listen to records rather than have the TV on.

    Songs have great power to take me back, or influence my mood. I do feel I have a soundtrack to my life.

    I’m not a Coldplay fan though but I do always find it interesting to learn what people like. I remember a while back being surprised to learn that Athinkingman liked Celine Dion.

    it’s good that we all like different things.

  2. Thanks for the link. I’ve never really listened to any Coldplay, though I have often felt that I ought to as they were coming into my consciousness because of their popularity. I will listen to your track.

    I’m sure that fantasy can play a big part in musical choice. I wonder if women tend to like male groups. I know I prefer female vocalists. My present preference – apart from Celine Dion and Cheryl Crowe of course – is Claire Teal. Her voice is incredibly rich and velvety and just makes my knees go all of a wobble whenever I listen to her on my iPod, which is difficult if you are trying to walk fast (or ski).

  3. athinkingman:

    Listen to Coldplay’s clocks. That is my fav one and I am sure you will know it.
    I prefer female vocalists too. I have never heard of Cheryl Crowe or Claire Teal, though if I should listen to them, I might have heard their songs.
    This blog is an introduction to take people into my world of music and will comprise two or three blogs with various themes. I hope you enjoy listening and knowing some of the music which brings me joy and meaning in my life.

  4. To Reluctant blogger:

    Thanks for the comments. I too have often listened to music, instead of the tv. It is true we all have different tastes, I like some of yours from what you have stated on your own site. You are right, sounds and music can definetely influence your mood. I will be writing more about that.

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