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Today, I want to write a little about cleaning. Boring you say! Yes, cleaning is tedious, repetitive and time consuming. Like relationships you just have to keep scrubbing away hoping the dirt will come off eventually. so today, I am talking about cleaning, but then again I am not talking about cleaning. After writing Reflections and also the Field of Bricks, a certain abrasive, determined streak has developed in my attitude to cleaning both in the house and in my relationships, but most of all in the way I cleanse myself from now on.

Yes, I have spend many hours on my days off cleaning; the carpets yet again, the washing, infact the place has had a mini makeover. However, this has been more to do with; I want this place to look decent for me now, to have an organised tidy environment in which to conduct my life. Then I can arrange my life, within the context of my family, around this. If I work hard then I want the place to look decent when I get home at night. Suddenly, everything feels a whole lot better because I am in charge now of my own life.

When I wrote the Field of Bricks I felt very out of control, but now there is a certain order. I took control, made lots of phone calls, got things mended, erected and rubbish taken away. The grass is cut, the fence to keep the dog off the garden is up. The garage still needs a bit of work but it is coming along nicely. My beautiful summer house erected for my flower arranging is a neat haven of chairs and covers, tidy and dusted where I can listen to the birds and drink tea. My dressing table is smelling sweet and my jewellery in all their little boxes. My handbag has been cleared of truck and paper and is light again.

My old clothes are being binned, the shabby underwear having seen better days. The old is out, the new is in. There is going to be a new cleaner sexuality about me, clothes laundered well, nice lacy knickers and matching bras sets, (that’s a first), shoes cleaned. The wardrobe is next on the hit list. My husband and I have agreed to buy one new item of clothing a month. Too much effort has been expended on just doing and buying for the daughter, now its our turn to look decent.

My daughter has been going to a junior gym and I am enrolling too. My husband may do this also. I am still fighting with the swimming lessons and don’t intend to give up. so, you see this blog is more than just cleaning. I am not saying this is a five minute wonder or a new start, though it kinder feels that way. I have had many false dawns in this area of my life before but this time it is do or die.

The big test now is when I am at work. Usually, things then start to slide but I intend to keep on top of it all, a little each day. My time management has never been a strong point, always rushing but not being as productive as I could be. Today, I have done two hours of cleaning, (husband helping), two loads of washing – the lines are crammed full there are no pegs left, doing a bit of flickering, (photographic website) and writing a blog before lunch time.This afternoon there is a birthday present to buy and fathers day cards to post, well in time for the weekend. So, I will hit town before the school day finishes.

Back to work tomorrow for six days and only one day off next week before I am back to work for another two. That is my eractic shift pattern in my profession. Then I have got three days off, hair dressing appt booked and my daughter and I will have a chill out Saturday then. The agenda is to begin the clothes shopping ready for the holiday next month. Definitely,  good cleaning has been going on both internally as well as externally. What ever happens in the future, it pays to be ready and that means now for the time being, living life more like I have just done this last week.

After, all there is only one life. No, you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning but you don’t want to live in a muddy corner either. Time to take stock, start living and look ahead to the future.



I have always cared about health and education and have worked in both settings. Now I like to walk, love visiting church buildings and connecting with nature and its weather. I teach medical English as well as being a novice piano player. My dream is to play the organ.

5 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. I did a lot of the mental spring cleaning a few years back and that getting my life back, reclaiming my sense of self thing – including the new underwear thing!! But my mind just does not identify within physical cleaning – I know it is meant to be therapeutic and people are always telling me they feel out of control, or can’t relax, if their surroundings are a mess – but it just doesn’t affect me at all. I do keep my house quite tidy and with four children I have to be organised – but it isn’t a need, not like my need to straighten my thoughts and know why I am doing things. I could easily exist in chaos – that’s just me. I don’t see things at all.

    Good for you though – sounds like you are feeling good about yourself and the future.

  2. Having had a bit longer to think about this –

    I sense it is good for you for at least three reasons:

    1) A different location always brings a sense of newness, and in one sense you are changing location by making your existing location different. You feel new in a new environment.
    2) A change of clothes or uniform always gives more confidence and helps you feel different. You feel a new person in your new clothes.
    3) You are exercising your “can do” muscle, gaining a sense of being able to achieve your goals. You feel stronger and bigger and more in control.

  3. Like I said, I can see why you are an expert in people’s minds. You are spot on athinkingman.

  4. To Reluctant Blogger: Thanks for the encouraging comments. I enjoyed reading, hearing about your own life and how you organise it.

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