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This was the title in a national newspaper last week highlighting the plight of abandoned pets growing in the UK, as the squeeze of rising interest rates and credit card debts are taking its toll on our nations pets. As you will see, I have already spend time with my last two posts discussing dog kennels and a business venture of hiring out pet dogs, the later of which I fiercely oppose. However, after reading this report, I have had to make this into a trilogy of blogs concerning dog ownership.

Back in December, I wrote A dog is not Just for Christmas warning people not to purchase pets unless they had at least considered properly the reality of cannine ownership. It is not for the faint hearted. I wish more people could have read it, as now reports of animal sanctuaries receiving record numbers of abandoned pets have unfolded. People have already been hammered with rising fuel costs, higher morgages, food price rises and the general cost of living is increasing. My own family and I have had to change the way and where we shop, as prices leave us amazed. Middle class families are now shopping in many cheap stores in order to keep their financial position viable. So then, it is all too easy to understand why when cuts have to be made against essentials like food, the dog just has to go.

I am judging no-one here but this blog is all about making one statement. Don’t purchase a pet lightly and then callously and cruelly toss it away. I believe there are two types of animal owner who abandons their pet. The first is where a dog, (say as an example), was taken on with the best of intentions but for extreme reasons the owner has to part company with it. Relationship break up, death, a move or sudden and extreme hardship finds the owner desperately having to find a new home. These pets will probably at least be handed over responsibly to an animal shelter and because they have been cared for responsibly will often find a new home quickly; as many will not have the behavioural problems seen in neglected or abused pets.

However, there is sadly another type of owner which this newspaper report focused on. A collie puppy was thrown down a rubbish chute of many feet and left to die. Despite receiving appalling internal injuries its cries were heard and he was rescued. An animal shelter and its veterinary team fought to save him and he lived. I was so enraged and sickened by this story I have to tell it here. What gives anyone the right to think that a living, feeling being can be chucked away down a rubbish chutes like a piece of garbage is beyond me. Thankfully, the puppy is now safe and sound and found a new home. It will however, I am sure remember what happened to it and may not like certain situations that may cause the animal to remember what happened to it when it was a puppy. 

Our own rescue dog Lucy, who died last year, hated bicycles and was often nervous at certain things. Her plight was that she was going to be drowned in a bucket with her six other siblings, a threat given to the  animal sanctuary verbally, unless they took on all of the puppies. Nice blackmail hey! What would anyone do hearing that? Well, I would have to take them all on, and this is what the already crowded shelter did, giving our lucy a home, until one day she ran up to us with her big floppy ears and rolled over and we scooped her up and took her home for 14 years.

Animal welfare and police are currently investigating the Collie incident and I do hope the person or people will be caught. Personally, not getting too verbally violent on here, I would like to get hold of the bastards concerned and push them down the rubbish shoot and leave them to……; best not go on. I think you get my drift as to how I feel.

So once again PLEASE people get the message. Don’t dump animals and leave someone else to pick up the tab. Don’t have one in the first place it is as SIMPLE as that. 

Finally, finishing on a nice note. There is a way to incorporate you dog into your life -style, if committed, on the subject of the annual vacation. Anyone reading porridge will know of our dilemma concerning our puppy and the holiday approaching. Well, a little detective work on my part has solved the problem. Bramble our dog is coming with us. We are staying at a dog friendly B/B where Labradors are trained as guide dogs for the blind. Explaining our problem of needing dog care for the forthcoming T4 on the beach, Weston Super Mare, the proprietor has kindly offered to look after her for the day. We have also explored a kennel a few miles away, that looks very suitable, for the possibility of her being there just for two separate long days, while we may explore Bristol and other venues where we can not take her.

 Problem solvo. Bramble get ready for nice long walks in beautiful somerset. With camera in tow I just can’t wait. Here endeth my blogs on dogs for now.




Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

One thought on “Abandoned

  1. I cannot bear to read of any sort of cruely – be it to people or animals. And there is some evidence that people who start off being cruel to animals go on to be cruel to people. I just cannot get myself into the minds of people who behave like that – how can they?

    It always amazes me how people who are clearly on low incomes sometimes take on several large dogs, putting yet more pressure on their already overstretched finances. It is incredibly irresponsible.

    I don’t have a dog despite the fact that I would love a dog, because I do not have the time or space for one, plus I go away several times a year and it would not be fair to leave a dog so often. Maybe one day when I retire I will have one. But it would be irresponsible to do so now.

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