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Why I Love Photography


Continuing my tale of why I love certain things, today I am going to share with you why I love taking pictures.

Photography is still fairly new to me, having been taking pictures for just over a year. I have read on flicker-where I hold my own photostream, the most amazing and crafted reasons why people take pictures. Some of the written pieces are works of art in themselves, very inspirational and poetic. I too have tried to make my own reasons tasteful in a written sense and to think about why I like this art form.

Having thought about this some more, there is one fudamental reason why I enjoy going out with the camera. That is just the reason for me: I enjoy an excuse to get out. Perhaps for a short trip and not a huge amount of time available, but to take the camera brings a whole new dimension to a dog walk, or a drive out to the next village just to sit on a bench and watch the world go by; or feed some ducks with my daughter.

Having taken some pictures, I eagerly await seeing what they may look like. One evening, I raced in the car to catch the sunset and missed it. The sun kept moving and hiding up, as I reached each new place to snap. It was funny and I e-mailed one of my new flick friends all about my dash for the sun. It was like chasing art, like a journalist chasing a news story, only for me it was just in image format that was all. There was the buss and adrenalin, it was exciting.

Photography enables you to see things you may have passed by on and not noticed. I always laughed you could put an elephant in front of me and I wouldn’t have noticed. Now my eyes don’t miss so much. The reason why I have placed my own photo of a watch here, is to convey a well known conception of photography which states image taking is like freezing the time. For me, this conveys a memory or a place not just the image, and the feelings I felt when I took that image. Perhaps, that shot reflected my life going well, a success or a sadness experienced at the time. These feelings also frozen with the image stays with me. There are already many happy memories of enjoyable days out.

My editing skills are very weak and this needs much more work. I try to concentrate hard with the image at hand because I am not going to beable to experiment so very much afterwards. Some photographers are great with editing and I have seen some amazing work. I used to call myself a techno-phobic: me and gagets were kind of clumsy together. Having worked hard on my computer skills and the camera – to a point, I am now called the techno in the family. Photography has other offshoots. I can reset the car radio with ease and the dvd is less daunting. The new ipod was sussed in half an hour. My husband asks me to work out any new gagets in the house.  This has a knock-on effect, as my daughter like to work gadgets too and sometimes teaches me.

Photography has made me a happy person and helped build my confidence. Interestingly, the pictures that appear to have the most success are the flowers, of which you will note from my previous blog I love. I enjoy macro and can keep the camera fairly still, but should use my tripod more to help with focus in close range or in dim light. There is much I am still finding out about my cameras; the fuji Finefix 9500 and the Olympus u 760. I would like to diversify with subject matter.The problem there is, my world reflects largely nature and the country. The family needs a gentle push to go out somewhere different and perhaps an abstract opportunity may come by. I am hoping this week to go into town and take some pictures of the buildings there and display them on flicker in black and white. A friend has recently introduced me to church architecture and this has been very interesting, as Norfolk where I live, has over 700 medieval churches and some finest specimens in the country. My friend has written small books about them.

Finally, photography has introduced and enriched other relationships. I am a people person and love sharing my interest with others. Seeing people’s work, commenting on flicker and having conversations about all other subjects, that may spin off from photography. You can see then, that for me, it is much more than taking a picture. To say, that is all it is, would be far too narrow. I look at creation and say thanks for what we all have.

I have asked my self what sense would I hate loosing most, not to hear or not to see. I think the sight failing me would be the biggest loss of all, not to see would be so cruel for me. To live in darkness would be awful. I admire the blind for their courage and understand that when one sense is lost the others are magnified.

I hope though for me I will always be able to see and to capture the moment in time. If you enjoy photgraphy and reading this, then just enjoy, enjoy the moment because it will soon be gone but you will have the image to remember it by. Have fun and keep shooting!




Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

5 thoughts on “Why I Love Photography

  1. Wow – two lots of things you like doing in one day! I’m so pleased that you have been able to gain a sense of growth and achievement in this. It’s great to see your enthusiasm and to literally watch your growing skill.

  2. Somebody essentially lend a hand to make severely posts I’d state. This is the first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I surprised with the research you made to make this particular post amazing. Magnificent task!

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