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Close Encounters of the Kitchen Kind

A ten minute blog.

Thoughtfulwoman to husband:”Hey, I know how to boost my ratings on my blog.”

We both laughed over the washing up, great howls amongst the soap suds.

A few moments earlier we had had a close encounter of the kitchen kind.

Now you know what I mean. The husband had started getting friendly over the drying up and not with the teatowel.

The embrace, which was very sexy I hasten to add, was very much like we were waiting to get caught and any minute now. We did not have much time. The moment was savoured and I wanted more, and not second helpings from dinner either.

Sure enough our little contraceptive device, being our 13 yr old daughter, sensed some serious snogging and cuddling was going on and invaded our space, throwing herself at us as if to say:

“Where is my hug?”

The puppy dog was stirred by the excitement and soon joined in on the action.

There was a programme once on TV called “How to have sex after marriage”. I didn’t bother watching it. Oh, the apathy. Well, it is depressingly obvious that once you are hitched and with children in tow, the romance soon flies out of the window. Have a child, who is never tired and late to bed, coupled with living in a bungalow and your pretty much dead in the water.

How many people out there feel the same, or have we got it so very wrong?

Privacy is hard at times in a relationship; and all the pressures of “where is my PE kit?” and “the shopping needs doing,” never mind the laundry, just can make the fun of life seem flat. For me, I am think of writing steamy poetry, such as I recently read extracts of in, The BookSeller of Kabul, (another blog perhaps.) 

Blog interruption:”Mum have you got socks in my PE kit?”

I hastily go to the draw whilst taking something out of the puppy’s mouth,  she shouldn’t have.

Still, there is a silver lining. She is off on a school trip next week, all week!!!

Now don’t expect me here blogging the wee hours of the morning away. I have a lot of catching up to do, in-spite of trying to study and write an assignment, and I don’t mean housework either.

Oh well, this is my ten minute quickie this evening: the blog, I mean the blog you one track minded people. Only teasing, I’m just jealous of your successes and romantic encounters, all of you out there this fair night.

Have fun everyone and get a dishwasher! 

Addendum: the morning after the night before.

She left the PE kit at home. Now how typical is that after all my efforts. Now she will gets her own socks ready. Time for changes ahead me thinks.



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

7 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Kitchen Kind

  1. Hey, a human that understands. Perhaps, I’m not so rare after all. Thanks for the comment and passing by. I will do the same. My daughter does socialise but with the other- half on anti-social evening shifts, its often me, the computer, the daughter and the dog. Time-quality time is rare and no extended family to help out either. Hence, I have taken up swimming lessons as well as blogging. See my other blog on Conquering Fear.

  2. haha yes very amusing.

    The only romantic encounters I used to get with the father of my boys was early morning stuff. During the day there were always children about and in the evening I was too tired. But first thing in the morning was a time we kept for such things – but with anti-social shifts I guess that won’t work for you. Then my son got into the swimming squad and that meant early morning training. We started to refer to swim training as the Chastity Belt and once at school my youngest was asked by someone if he could come round to play on Saturday morning and said “I can but not early because my older brother has to go to Chastity Belt training”. It took some explaining!

  3. It’s good to hear these things of normal living in long-term relationships. The TV programmes, of which I have watched just gloss it all over with unrealistic scenarios. The media descriptions on this subject implies everyone else is having a great time, and if you not, your somehow dysfunctional. It is sad also when I read love is no longer considered important when having any kind of sexual relationship. You just smash and grab when you can. I love the chastity belt situation. Swimming lessons to improve her technique is something my daughter is asking for. Will that give us a goldern opportunity, instead of chastity? Now, There’s a thought. Thanks for sharing with us your story.

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