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Atheism:Rational and Objective?

On a quest for truth regarding my own Christian faith see also  Where is god? Who is God?

I searched for some meaningful debate here with a YouTube presentation.There were many videos of course to see.

This for me was the most interesting and well presented of them all and not too long for any readership to view.

Bearing in mind my next read is going to be “The God Delusion” By Richard Dawkins, I thought this question,

 Atheism:Rational and Objective? seemed a good place to start.



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14 thoughts on “Atheism:Rational and Objective?

  1. Just some friendly thoughts:

    Keep in mind that videos like this (and yes, videos by Dawkins) are propoganda. They exist to affirm the beliefs of the base and to attempt to throw off the opposition.

    I am convinced that atheism is the most reasonable view of the existence or non-existence of God, but to get there I had to sift through all of the crap included in the current popular debate.


  2. Once my anger had died down, I found this video quite sad.

    1) It characterized the atheist viewpoint as violent. I can’t speak for all people, but to me, Harris and Dawkins seem, in their writing, at least, very decent human beings articulating a case. This point about atheists violently arguing their case seems so ironic given the fact that the church has been arguing its case with some militancy for 2000 years, and that for at least three quarters of that time you faced torture and death if you dared to disagree. The fact that a few of us are now disagreeing openly may seem violent because we have had to be quiet for so long, but for most of us, it isn’t. Passionate, yes. Conviction, yes. Violence – I doubt it.

    2) One of the speakers managed to find an atheist research assistant who hadn’t read a lot of Christian books. That may be true of some. It wasn’t true of me. I spent over 30 years in Christian study. I have read books by most of the speakers on the video and those authors mentioned. I have met Ravi Zaccharias. I know the Christian field (including an academic theological field – I have certificates in theology) and have rejected it.

    3) One of the speakers accused atheists of lumping all religions together. This is true in part (though Dawkins and Harris do acknowledge differences). The speaker challenged Dawkins to make his case to radical Muslims. If he tried to make his case to historical Christians he would also have been killed by them.

    However, despite differences of practice, the KEY point of all religions – the KEY theological/philosophical point here – is that they encourage an unsubstantiated belief in the supernatural, which is irrational and unscientific. In an age when people rely on science on a daily basis to help their lives, and where reason is the only hope we have of meaningful discourse, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to want to question something which makes a mockery of those two pillars.

    4) The speaker at the end says that Christian faith is based on solid, scientific reasons. I look forward to hearing what they are as he failed to mention them in the video.

    If god is real and really intervening supernaturally in this world in answer to prayers, why does he never heal amputees?

  3. Thanks Carried theCross for coming by.
    I appreciate your input to this debate.
    Yes, I agree this video can come from a biased angle and was slightly suspicious that it is an American source which can have a more evangelistic viewpoint.
    I see America as being”more Christian” than say the UK.
    From my own prespective right now is one of total confusion.
    It’s like a game of table tennis or bat and ball.
    You hear arguments from both fields, your faith goes up and down like a yo-yo. It feels so much like that to me at the moment.

  4. To athinkingman: sorry this video caused you to feel angry though I can understand, since you spent so much energy defending Christianity within your own ministry when you were in and not “out.”
    I accept that theologically you are very, very experienced in your arguments.
    The only thing I would say is about the presence of the supernatural which I do believe exist-whether that is part of God or not.
    Why does he not heal amputees? I haven’t a clue though of course I have tried to get someone else to answer that one from a science viewpoint, as well as a christian one but clearly you remain un-convinced.
    Thanks for replying, as ever you comments are rich and valuable source of information, debate and argument.

  5. Supernatural is a useless statement. If it exists in the universe it can be studied and is natural by definition. Other wise it doesn’t exist. There can be things we don’t understand, but the label supernatural is only applied to shield something from the standards of evidence everything else is subjected to.

    God is in the category of supernatural because he is the same sort of delusional nonsense.

    God doesn’t heal amputtes, because he doesn’t exist. That would be the “scientific viewpoint”. The religious viewpoint is god is mysterious, suffering makes you a better person, he can do whatever he likes, etc.

    In short, religion is insane. It is our moral duty to fight it.

  6. Thanks you Samuel for taking the time to comment.
    I think you have made an interesting point about the concept of Supernatural being something that should be scrutinised with the same methods, as other evidence.
    God is Delusional nonsence? What I am searching for is concrete evidence to support this view. At the moment, I am uncertain as to the answer.
    Thank you for taking part in this debate.
    I will be talking soon I hope to a scientist who has searched for the meaning of exsistence for years and the creation of the universe,who has witnessed so called supernatural experiences, so he claims!

  7. Delusional means to believe something even though there is a large amount of evidence that what you believe is false. In short, it is the same definitionas faith.

    (Speaking in deep voice) “And that was when I saw it… the SQUARE CIRCLE!”

  8. For me the question that I want to have an answer for is not: Does God HEAL amputees? — but — Is there anyone who LIKES amputees? Because I feel like one, not on the outside, but on the inside …

  9. It would be interesting to know why you feel like this on the inside? Thanks for the comment and for the visit.

  10. I guess at the place where other people feel who they are on the inside there seems to be just a hole inside of me.

    Not sure how to explain this, really.

  11. I have been on this earth for three quarters of a century and for half a century++ I have tried to obtain proof that there is a god or God or gods but no proof has been seen, touched, heard, or proved in any way. Ergo, there are no actual God(s). While we humans would like to have a God to turn to before we die in the hope that there is “life after death” it is not, unfortunately, reality.

  12. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions. I am very thoughtful with your comment and touched, especially as you have been looking for so long. This says to me credibility in what you are saying. Your search sounds very interesting. I wonder if there was any one thing that made you come to this conclusion.

  13. try to imagine the size of the universe (infinite) and then compare that (if you can) to the miniscule size of the earth and then compare humans as less than microbes in relative size. We then can rationalize how small (unimportant?) we really are as members of the unimaginable size of the universe.

    So does that mean that we are unimportant relative to each other or to our earth? Of course not!! Nothing is changed by my thinking. We (you, I, everyone on this wonderful earth are not diminished by my philosophys.


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