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Zero Tolerance for Women

The 6th February 2008 is International Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation(also known as Female Circumcision)For more information as to what this means in reality to many women worldwide visit:

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) are three words not heard of to many and a silent subject few talk about . Highly sensitive and extremely complex ,this is one topic that must be brought to the publics attention.This photograph placed here on International Zero Tolerance day of FGM, is one attempt to raise awareness of a ritualistic practice which should have no place in C21st century society.

Female Circumcision is performed mostly without anaesthesia and un-sterilised instruments are used in the majority of cases.Here the knives, broken glass and razor blades represent the commonest instruments used.The earth represents the crude environment in which mutilation can take place. Some FGM is performed in clinics and sterile environments: most are not.

Women themselves are the circumcisers, a practice passed down the generations.FGM effects women and young girls in as many as 28 countries and 2 million women are at risk of mutilation each year.Age range is between 4 years to young womanhood. Some Mutilation is performed just before marriage.Marriage is the key word as to why Mutilation takes place. It is an essential requirement for marriage, female honour and fidelity. Considered necessary to secure a husband and any kind of financial security when 70% of the world poorest people are women.

The physical, sexual and psychological damage, both immediate and long-term, to women who have undergone this cutting is serious and can be fatal. This also effects the maternal health and future of women in pregnancy and childbirth.

We hear of news reports covering topics such as AIDS, famine, terror and human rights atrocities, but no-one hardly ever talks about FGM.As a member of Forward ( Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development) I am passionate about this subject and its eradication. Considering up to 74 million women are effected worldwide we need to be shouting loud and clear of ZERO TOLERANCE.

The horror has to STOP!

(See my fellow friend and blogger athinkingman who has written his own blog to highlight this cause.)



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

8 thoughts on “Zero Tolerance for Women

  1. Thanks for highlighting the issue. I personally found this almost unbearable to read (because of the content). Let’s hope that the day brings the issue to the attention of more people so that in the long-term, the practice can be eliminated.

  2. A interesting comment about this point and one which is very important I am glad you have raised it.
    As far as I understand, I thought this practice was now illegal in the UK. I know there is pressure to sew women into their infibulated state after a delivery by the very women themselves who have had this procedure done.
    I thought though it was now against the law.
    Thanks for passing by here. I am grateful for you input into this heinous practice.

  3. This is a subject that will haunt whoever hears it forever. It is WRONG!!!!! This is discusting and needs to be stopped now. This was a great idea, the blog, and I hope many people see it, as many people don’t even believe this is happening right now.

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