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Man’s Best friend, that’s not his Dog.

(A TV programme, a discussion and the man’s Penis).

This blog is one I have taken sometime to think over before writing. It concerns a subject very sensitive and personal to men. Firstly, I want to explain why I, a woman have chosen to write about this topic and why I think it is important.

It all started with a TV programme watched last September 20th on BBC 3 called:

” My Penis and Everybody Else’s.”

This programme was serious, funny, sensitive and excellently well presented concerning a subject that men could relate too; that being the size of their genitals and why it mattered to them. The presenter was Lawrence Barraclough and I watched transfixed and absorbed as the programme un-folded. I came away from it thinking much about this subject, and how some comparisons could be made to women. Certainly I had learnt something more about men.

Before we discuss the programme in any detail, it is at this point, an opportune moment to say a little about myself, in relation to this extremely sensitive topic.

The penis and I have had a professional and on-going working relationship for over 20 yrs. I have talked about it, fitted tubes within it, applied appliances to it, inspected and assessed associated parts of it; bathed and sometimes applied medications on it . In fact there is little I have not done in relation to this piece of male equipment called by several names. but how much did I really know about the psyche whose apparatus it belonged to?

The penis is without doubt, a most wonderful feat of biological engineering and advanced plumbing. It’s dual action of urinary elimination and reproduction is without exception a very fine design. Because I deal with this part of the anatomy on such a frequent basis, I would like to think that I do a good job and men can feel comfortable with me. The more I know and understand, the hope is, the more confident the owner of this device will be happy with my care and can confide in me when things perhaps go a little wrong.

Now to the programme itself:

Lawrence (in the documentary) spent a lot of time trying to get men to talk about their penis: especially size. That hidden answer no-one wanted to reveal. He was very up-front about his own anatomical position on this point, but inspite of trying to engage men in conversation, he was met with a virtual blank every time. He went with a loud speaker to Hyde Park Speakers Corner, where he drew crowds, but only one person I recall actually dared to answer.

In his quest to encourage men to open up, he had a plan. Perhaps if blokes had anonymity then they might come foreword. A website was launched called,”Snap your Chap.” The aim, to have 100 photographs of ” Men’s tackle ” taken privately and in confidence, to send on-line to him. Those pictures would be part of an anatomical art exhibition at a London location. The purpose of this was to encourage men to see themselves as they really are; and lift a lid on this private world, hidden by boxer shorts and y-fronts to the outside world.

Sure enough he got his 100 photos and boy did they all look so different. He assembled them together and I couldn’t help but smile. Shafts, testicles and foreskins all pre-dominately displayed. If the penis could have talked, it may have been saying what is all the fuss about? Here I am: Don’t I look cute, or sexy, or just plain normal with my sagging scrotum and shafts in different sizes and some leaning to the left or right.

The exhibition was launched and a suitable venue was found by the Thames. Posters were displayed and advertising began. Men did come, whether fuelled by curiosity, or the beer that was provided. What was absolutely great about this programme was that men had a real opportunity to see how other guys looked. Helped along by the loosing action of the beer on the tongue;blokes stood and chatted and looked at the exhibition. They started talking to one another about a taboo subject, and realised their faithful companion was unique, yet in many ways just like the next. They had the opportunity to go away and take their own picture-in a private area, for the exhibition, and show their own willie to the people they had been talking to. Some were brave and ventured into new territory by doing just that. Very brave I thought:no-way would I have done that.

During the programme some of the reasons why men didn’t ask questions or talk about size was: they didn’t want to be labelled “Gay,” if they weren’t Gay. I have to stress here that homosexuality was not judged, or in anyway given a opinion about. Men simply stated that was just one of the reasons. Also, Lawrence interviewed men who had had penile enlargements and the general conclusion was; that it did not necessarily make them feel better about their size or themselves. I made a comparison at this point of women having breast enlargements.  These silicone implants do not always make women feel better about their own body and self-esteem. The urge to go on and on with more cosmetic treatment can not only be costly, but does it really achieve the desired effect of personal happiness with ones self, or improve their self- esteem within society, or in their own personal relationships? I could see the connection between the two forms of biological self-improvement.

I saw as such a personal side to men never seen before. These tough big guys who perhaps had a little winkle tucked away, which gave them embarrassment and sensitivity, particularly in the quest of finding a partner stakes.

After the programme, I did have the opportunity to speak to one gentlemen about the documentary in the course of my work. When I had pronounced that his size was not small but medium, after various measurements had been taken, he was delighted. He said he would be announcing to his male relative over lunch that day, that he had been promoted from small to medium. We laughed about it and I said I was pleased I had made his day.

This programme was for me TV in its finest form. In my view, it was absolutely excellent. It wasn’t tacky and stupid, there was fun and humour. It tackled a serious subject well and made me think about how men must feel, if they are not particularly well-endowed. One guy, that was interviewed took it all in his stride. His conclusion was: that because his bits were small in the sex stakes, that just meant he had to be a cut about the rest in his imagination and drive when it came to sex: I think that just about summed it up for me.

“It’s not what yer got, it’s how you use it that counts.”

Good Luck boys!







Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

6 thoughts on “Man’s Best friend, that’s not his Dog.

  1. I enjoyed reading this.

    I agree that penile length and girth is a big issue for some men. Our sexuality (and sexual performance) can play a big part in our self-esteem which is why some people see penise size as important.

    I think your parallel with breasts size is spot on. Both breasts and penises are very visible and are vulnerable. Culturally there are myths about both of them. “Men prefer big breasts” and “women prefer long and thick penises”. However, both of these are myths. Many men prefer small breasts and regard shape as more important as size. Many women are not concerned about penile size, so long as they get hours of foreplay. Myths are myths, but they give powerful messages to those who don’t know otherwise.

    Why do some men find it difficult to discuss this? The reasons I could think of are:
    1) Cultural myths about sexual inadequacy (see above).
    2) Confusion between erect and non-erect size, and a failure to realise that most small penises are perfectly adequate when roused.
    3) It is not the cultural norm for men in this country to talk about sex, so it is difficult for them until they become comfortable with it.
    4) It is not the cultural norm for men to discuss intimate details. I think the parallel here is not with breasts, but with vaginas. Would you find a group of women willing to talk about their vaginas or have them photographed? Talking about your penise is perhaps the ultimate exposure, and to some extent, reluctance is understandable.
    5) Apart from occasional momentary fears about possible inadequacy, I think that a lot of men are not interested in their penises. I suspect that they have other things on their minds!

  2. A very good answer!
    I would agree on these points raised, apart from adding one more comment.
    You mention about women not wanting to discuss their genitalia or having it photographed.I think women are more open about discussing some aspects of health/sexulaity in relation to this subject.
    As for the photograph, lets face it there is nothing to really compare or contrast here.Women have nothing to measure -well externally anyway. The only difference on a photo would be if they adopt pubic shaving or not, and possibly labia size, depending on the angle of the picture.The later has nothing to do with sexual function.
    Why photograph a women? we are not talking about her size here, yet,I agree the majority, including me would not want to.
    I am pleased you see the connection between breasts and Penis size. I wondered if that was a strong enough connection to cite.
    I think the experiment of the programme was a good idea, if it got men talking more. I could see the whole point of the documentary.
    The idea of going to an exhibition to see men’s tackle may not appeal to the majority but it did raise several important points for me.
    Thanks for being professional and serious enough, and yes, brave too to leave a comment.

  3. How interesting. I hadn’t realised before that men were quite so sensitive about this subject. It has certainly never been something I have considered important in a relationship with a man.

    I suppose the thing that struck me about your comparison with breast size, is that it is much more apparent on casual perousal what size breasts are than it is the size of a penis (safely tucked away as it tends to be). So in a sense women come to terms with dealing with people’s reactions to their breast size and deal with their own feelings about it and there is no worry about anyone having a false idea about size. Whereas the size of a man’s penis generally remains a mystery until intimacy is achieved – at the point of no-return really when it would be oh so embarrassing if someone started laughing and saying “oh but it’s tiny” or whatever. So yes, I suppose it must be a bit of a worry. I had never thought of it that way before.

    I am waffling. I am new here so I should be polite and brief, shouldn’t I?

    But I enjoyed your piece and it got me thinking. And I don’t just mean about penises!

  4. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it
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  5. What kind of ideas do you have? I would be interested to know. I don’t have a contact page but tell me more about yourself and I may send you my e-mail. Thanks so much.

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