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Where is God? Who is God?

I nearly didn’t write this blog.

Scanning the bookshops in the city of Lincoln two days ago, I concentrated my attention in the theology, philosophy and popular science sections and realised how ill-equiped and ill-prepared I was at attempting to answer the above questions. The feelings of deflation and lack of confidence began to take hold.

Yet, when I thought it over a little more, I acknowledged that perhaps I was in a perfect position to give this blog a go; as my mind was un-cluttered from many pre-existing ideas and arguments from well known thinkers and academics.

I am neither speaking as an academic, nor as a scientist or theologian. I am but one Christian women who has a Christian faith for over 20 years and who has never questioned her beliefs -her simple faith she calls it. The difference now is I have become absorbed and excited by the world of questions, of learning and debate. This has been ignited by returning to part-time Higher Education studies at a local University and also following a period of growth and development in my personal life.

I have seen Lincoln Cathedral many times and always have appreciated its splendor and beauty. When I saw it again this time- very close up, my heart somersaulted . It hit me how vast, huge and intricate its detail of stone and carving really was. This God of mine certainly was very influential in the lives of people building this monument in his name, when technology and machinery were so very limited.

But who was this God, and where did he come from, and where is he now?

I have thought of God as being everywhere. The wind, the sea, the leaves on the trees. The creator of the universe, the planets and stars. A powerful force no-one can see or touch, but we can sometimes feel him spiritually, particulary when we come to prayer in faith.

Children may see God as a BIG man in the sky -I thought of him in my childhood in this way; as a smiling chap complete with beard. We are taught about heaven and hell and salvation from sin through Jesus Christ: God’s only son. The forgiveness of sins and eternal life. The package seems pretty neat to me. What more could we want?

I must emphasise here that I am still speaking as a christian, so what I am about to say is to question debate and thought, controversial as it maybe.

If God created the universe then he would have created everything in it, with no exceptions. But who created God? And if no-one did, then why did he exist? And is he accountable to anyone? And if not why not?If he created himself, as he is the all knowing, all powerful being, where did he get the energy from to create himself, if there was nothing before him?

If Christ came to save mankind, could he not equally be the Messiah to other beings in other worlds? If God is everything, then Christ should not be exclusively all ours and no-one else’s to share. In this world Christ was crucified to save us from our sins. How would this have occurred in another world? Would Jesus’ death have been the same, or could it have been different according to how this world would have lived? Surely, if there is life on another planet then God would have wanted to send the message of his word everywhere, or are we it?  He wanted no other civilisation to be in existence? And if that was so, why? Why build such a big universe only for us to live in one atom of it, compared to the vastness of space and time. He therefore, would have left a lot of empty rooms in his house, if we are all there is in any meaningful life form.

Perhaps, God is not an external being but an internal one. When we believe in him we unlock the key to the door to ourselves, and by belief we simply unleash our potential because we have faith in ourselves. Things happen, answers to prayer occur because we make them happen.Is our forgiveness through Jesus Christ also about us forgiving ourselves and releasing our lives from doubt and guilt? Is a belief in God, therefore, a state of mind? This is contraversional thought for a Christian to speak off I know, but it is just a thought.

What about an question no one dares to ask:

Dawkins in his book” The Selfish Gene” discusses God as an Meme concept. I had not heard of this word before until now. One example of a meme is an idea. He argues that society has carried on the idea of God because it answers some tricky questions as to who we are and where we were created from. The idea has been passed down from generations to generations. We keep the God idea alive.

Now, we have all heard of MI5 and MI6 in the UK. The secret agents in our midst who goes undercover to find evidence of terrorism and threat. They will deliberately manipulate news event and stories to maintain national security; to help us keep safe and to avert mass hysteria. They have “intelligence” few of us know about. They are there but we do not see them. They don’t even tells us their names.

Now supposing someone from a ” Religious Intelligence”, one that existed but we knew nothing about had the answer in its hands about whether God was real, but knew he wasn’t; and chose to keep it “under wraps” in order to keep the meme idea going of God. Why should this happen?

It is a very simple answer if you ask yourself these questions. What would happen to society if we were all told that wars in God’s name were for nothing; that the Vatican could close and the pope retire; the church of England could disband and all Vicars be made redundant? That heaven and hell was all a myth? Do you not think that society may have a “nervous breakdown” on hearing the news, and implode on itself like one of God’s stars.  Many could not cope with the idea. There could be mass hysteria.

I have not copied these ideas from anyone, though doubtless to say, someone has thought of these already. I am not pretending either that my ideas are in any way original thought; though my objective is to go away and do some serious research on these questions. If I could return, at a later date, with some compelling evidence that supports God- in the light of what I have said, that would be the ideal outcome.  

For me FAITH has been all about believing in something you can not see. Yet, I don’t want to sign up to BLINDNESS anymore. I want to subscribe to being able to SEE clearly and I am not afraid to question.I have been encouraged  by well-meaning Christian people to not read non-believing thoughts of atheists as I will surely “fall” and lose my faith in God. If my faith is TRUTH then I should be-able to face head on the works of Dawkins and other atheist and see the weaknesses in their arguments. If I can’t, then I have to face there may be weaknesses in my Christianity.

I know for many Christians that what I have said is dreadful. I will be branded stupid, mis-guided and an idiot. I don’t wish to offend anyone . I want to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and have used in the past, C.S Lewis’ statement about Christ being a liar, lunatic or Lord as a central argument for me that he MUST have been the Son of God.

My intentions here are to prove not just with BLIND faith, that God and Christ are REAL. But I must not be afraid to look more deeply at the evidence to support this. Already I am realising with the Minuit pieces of research, writing and debate looked at by me so far, what a minefield of a subject this is.

I want to wish everybody, who have read to the end, a very happy Christmas no matter what their beliefs and thoughts are.

Please criticise me constructively and above all help me to find some ANSWERS.

May peace and love be yours this Christmas!



Committed to the education of children and the health and human rights of women and mankind. I also enjoy taking photographs and sometimes I write poetry.

18 thoughts on “Where is God? Who is God?

  1. didnt u think about Islam before
    I think if u do a search like that u did about the topic u wrote about , the result will be a surprise if your search is fair

  2. Thanks to Omar for his comment. I will certainly do that. I have not discussed Islam here but I recognise this must be considered. As what is the true faith, and if there is but one God -which group does he belong too? Or does he I hope belong to all of us.

  3. Lee Strobel was an atheist journalist…He is now a Christian author and pastor…..

    Read: The Case for Christ by Strobel

  4. I think you have made some very interesting points and raised some good questions. I will limit my comments to just 4 of them.

    1) As you point out, the notion that the universe must have a creator – i.e. god – doesn’t work for atheists as an argument, because in trying to solve a problem, theists just create an even bigger problem – Who then created god?

    2) Many atheists would be troubled by the partiality of the christian god. As you say, if he loves and saves, why save only some and not most of the world.

    3) You ask a series of questions about the consequences of god not existing and then write: Many could not cope with the idea. There could be mass hysteria. Of course, there are other alternatives. I suspect that vast numbers of people are living without god anyway and are coping quite well. People may be relieved and find a new sense of freedom and determination to make the most of what they have rather than waiting for pie in the sky. And people may find other ways of interpreting their past, their present, and their future. I would want to call your bluff and guess that there wouldn’t be mass hysteria and that people would find more realistic ways of coping.

    4) My blood has just about stopped boiling from reading I have been encouraged by well-meaning Christian people to not read non-believing thoughts of atheists as I will surely “fall” and lose my faith in God. I agree with you. If god is real and if you have faith in something real, you have nothing to fear by asking questions. Why are so many Christians terrified of using their (god-given) minds? Unless you understand the reality of what you have faith in, or not, you might literally just as well believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden. Historically the church has always been made to look stupid by opposing and censoring intellectual enquiry. Perhaps it knows it has something to fear?

  5. Thank you Royalfarris for the reference. I will certainly look him up and read. This sounds very exciting. I know of Christians who have become atheists, not the other way round.

  6. To onethinkingman,
    Thanks as ever for your particular detail in the way you reply. I love reading what you have to say.

  7. Through my own experinences, I have been done well by the forces of good. Whether you wish that to mean God or something else is up to you. But trust me, there is good in our lives…don’t look for the bad. There is no good reason to.

  8. Thanks Nathan,I believe in the forces of good and evil too. I have received a mixed bag in my life of blessings and sorrows, but then who hasn’t.
    I think what you are saying does make so much sense. One person recently said to me:
    ” If I am wrong I have lost nothing. If you are wrong then you have lost everything.”
    I was thinking about that statement after writing this. I am looking for evidence but what evidence is needed here to support this view. It is the same for your statement. We do need to look for the good. The bad is out there all too readily.

  9. You ask what would happen if we were told God didn’t exist; the very reason you’re writing this is BECAUSE someone told you he didn’t. I think if society was told ANYTHING it truly believed in didn’t exist, it would fight back. I’m writing from the other side of the pond here, so I may have slightly different views on things, but everyday there are people who say “what you believe is wrong.” The believers are those who stand up and respond, despite it all, “I believe.”
    I’m not saying I don’t agree with your quest for truth. I do. Actually, what I believe is a much more general form of Christianity. Raised a Methodist, at some point in my life I decided it didn’t quite all add up. I do believe in ‘a god’ but I think that its like the joke about the elephant.
    Several blind men come up against an elephant. The first feels his trunk and says ‘an elephant is like a snake.’ The second feels its leg and says ‘ an elephant is like a tree’ the third feels its ear and says ‘an elephant is like a fan’… etc the point is when something is so big, we are all bound to come away with a different perspective of it. God is big. Perhaps the many different religions are merely different perspectives of the elephant, and each of our religions are just one more blind man, taking away only a part of the whole.
    In which case all of the religions are ‘right’ in their own perception; but they are also all blind, in their ignorance. I wish you the best on your quest, but remember, Man may not have the answers. They might not be there to find.

  10. To Mbreau- I have loved reading about the elephant. It spoke to me alot. This reply is an excellent response. Perhaps,God did not want us to work him out completely.One omission to this blog-as I looked through some notes I had made before writing is; that I don’t want to ask or attempt to answer questions on a superficial level anymore. I want to go deeper than that. I feel what you have is a thinking mind that goes beyond the superficial. If,I may say so, you have impressed me greatly.

  11. Going from elephants to something in the fridge. One group might think it is a yoghurt, another might think it is a joint of meat, another a bottle of milk. They will all interpret what might be in the fridge in the light of their cultures and experience. Of course, unless the god in the fridge clearly and unequivocally communicates, there may be nothing in the fridge at all. If you cannot know what is in the fridge, the key question for me is “What evidence do you have for believing that there is something there, apart from a desire to think so so that your hunger may be satisfied?”

  12. Hello! We are back to the Diamonds in the fridge again. Ok, we might want to see a full fridge because we have a need to eat and drink faith because of some adversity,lonelyness and the need for fellowship, or some other need.
    You say you want evidence.I do too.I want to find it.However, let me tell you Thinkingman what happened to me today.In considering writing this blog, I thought of a minister, not seen in over 20 yrs. His personal testimony was so awesome it stayed with me. One non-believer, who was called to ministry, even before faith, of which he fought hard to deny.
    I thought I really need this man, he would be such a source of knowledge to draw on. I did not pray about it and didn’t give it that much thought,knowing I would never see him. But Guess what? my first visit to a church in ages, a service picked at random, and Yes,there he sat. A new member to this little church in my village, that he has just moved to. He was announced as David- a retired Minister.I just could not believe it.
    We had a chat about my blog. Tell you about it another time. Very interesting it was too.
    Now how can you explain that away?

  13. The truth is that there are too many things in this world that just can’t be explained. The only way to know 100% is to die; with death will come either heaven or nothing, then and then alone will you know for sure if there is a God.

    You mention in the posting that there being a God poses a question of who created God… I think that even if you don’t believe in a God there is still the question of where did it all come from? If you consider the big bang theory, what was before? and before that? This question can ALWAYS be asked.

    Just remember that as you work to answer your questions.

  14. onethinkingwoman: Personal testimony – but Muslims, Jews, Christians, Humanists all have personal testimony. Even I used to have a personal testimony. Personal testimony is just based on how you personally choose to interpret what happens to you.

    Your testimony could include a miraculous intervention by god sending you a retired minister if you choose to interpret a random event in that way. I wouldn’t want to go to a dentist who has no scientific training and who used non-scientific methods but who happened to be good according to the testimony of some people. I would want to say your personal testimony may be interesting but it flys in the face of everything else I know about the universe, so I have to reject it and don’t trust it.

    And of course there is stuff that we don’t know. But we don’t have to invent irrational and unscientific theories (which are untestable and therefore worthless) to explain it.

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